Demons/ angels/entities

Good day! I just want to ask if which demons/angels /entities should i work to help me to have more focus on my upcoming exam thank u so much!

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I’d recommend picking up a couple of grimoires and searching them for the entity who can help with the qualities you’re looking for. Any good modern or postmodern grimoire will also include a complete system for how to contact the entity/use the sigil/etc., so you’re not stumbling around in the dark trying to figure it out but rather have clear instructions.

I’m a fan of the Gallery of Magick so I would recommend books like:

  • Demons of Magick
  • 72 Angels of Magick
  • Archangels of Magick
  • Mystical Words of Power
  • Sigils of Power and Transformation

You could alternatively use sigils or servitors. There is free information on their creation if you search BALG or the internet at large. You can create a sigil or a servitor with a specific, custom purpose to help you.


Thoth in his aspect as God of knowledge.


Thanks you does he have enn

Thank you so much!

enns are something created for demons, Gods don’t use enns. They have symbols, Hymns and the likes.

As for Thoth, you use his hieroglyph.


In " Magick of angels and Demons" by Henry Archer demon “” crocel"" and his corresponding angel can help you “to prepare for exam by studying well”


Oh sorry i thought he have enn im sorry. Its my first time to encounter his name

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No problem at all

I’ve had sucess petitioning Athena and Saraswati for exams. You can try them too.

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