Demons and voodoo dolls

Are there demons that can bring me the power and skill to make voodoo dolls used for sympathetic magick?


This one is really just a you thing, you don’t need entities, you need your intention and a bit of practice.


Voodoo dolls are simply fetishes, ie a form of sympathetic magick. Most magical traditions have something similar. As Mulberry said, you don’t need an entity, it’s something anyone can learn to do.


I believe you are right. I should rather use the coming waning moon now to banish my laziness.

I think you just kinda make one. If you look at the traditions where “Voodoo” dolls are present they might be used in rituals, but usually not in conjunction with spirits.

I’d read up on how to (safely?) make the dolls and start trying it out. I think of them and jars as similar. With both, you represent something/someone with an object you have control over and then try to manipulate it/them.

I think voodoo dolls are more personal than jars, but I think they work very similarly and work well without entities.

Well, do you? What if this “laziness” is more like a reluctance within your inner being to do the spell for other reasons? I would meditate on this and see if your subconscious is trying to tell you there’s a different way to approach this.

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There is something that blocks me inside in general but I cannot figure out why and how.

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