Demons and there use of evocation

Hey, can anyone tell me the names of demons and what they could help you with?

Read the grimoires.
Grand Grimoire, Grimorium Verum, Goetia, etc.
There are waaay too many demons to name.

Thanks. Just starting this journey. Don’t know where to start. I really appreciate it.

Try that list as well.

Traditional Grimoire work suggests that you start with the Kings of the hierarchies and form pacts of allegiance with them. Then moving into the list of subordinate spirits.

I actually didn’t know that, thank you, learning something new every day.

Interesting. I will look into that.

Using the True Grimoire as an example: First you would evoke Lucifer and create a pact of allegiance, then Beelzebuth, and then Astaroth. Once these pacts are formed, you would have access to all the powers of their subordinates.

List of demons from the Goetia with images of their sigils and descriptions of what they do for you.

List of demons including those that used to be known as gods but were later mentioned as demons by christianity, including those from the Goetia and many others. Photos of their sigils are in pop up links. Scroll down to bottom of page and there are links to the other pages containing names C and beyond.

Thank you. Very useful.

There it is clearly spelled out. What about the Goetia? I was doing some math last night (on my calculator of course), and if you remove the 9 Kings then divide the remaining spirits into 9, there are 7 per “group”. Does this apply here and has anyone ever mapped this out? Not to mention the significance of 9.

You would evoke the Kings of the cardinal directions: Paimon, Amaymon… etc…

Or as EA puts it,the four Gatekeepers of the Infernal Empire.

Amaymon,Abbadon,Belial and Azazel.

I’m always at a loss as to where to put them,however…

Belial is traditionally associated with the North,and with earth and money.

Azazel is the adversary of the archangel Raphael,so he goes East for me.

Amaymon is a very fiery sort.I haven’t worked with him or Abbadon much,but he feels like a wild card,so I put him in the South.

Abbadon has a watery association to him.As a synesthesiac I see his name as blue and watery.So,I put him in the West.

The gatekeepers differ from tradition to tradition. EA’s only work in the same capacity I his grimoires. If I tried to use that list, they would be unable to fulfill the functions required in my circle.


Before trying to move spirits between various traditions and systems, actually work the system. You can save yourself a LOT of trouble by simply following a single grimoire. Spirits are conscious beings and may not appreciated being imposed upon, attempting to alter the hierarchies without understanding can create many unforeseen and serious problems. Don’t assume that Asmodeus won’t mind you trying to command his servants in the name of Beleth. It’s a completely different story if a spirit does give you a formula, but those occasions are few and far between and usually specific to certain rites and magic.

^ What they said. :slight_smile:

For hardcore rituals, I sit on a black cowskin which represents Auðumbla/Ba’T and there are no gatekeepers, no demonic/angelic, only channels.

No Solomonic, no cardinal points, not any one single thing except what I was given direct by spirits.

Does this mean Solomonic, pagan, wiccan, Universal Circle etc don’t work? Hell no!

I’m an idiot a lot of the time, and don’t claim to have the keys to all magick. What I DO know is my system works for me.

My point? Know your system, “subjective synthesis” means being able to take on board that belief system and cosmology for as long as needed.

If your previous higher power was Scooby Doo, and you suddenly draw in Mickey Mouse, how’s that going to go?

Even if, as my sweetie believes, spirits are a kind of subconscious manifestation like software, you still don’t open a .doc file with Adobe Photoshop.

So, same theory, just saved you a load of pretentious wibbling. :wink:

Believe it or not,I pointed out the gatekeepers that EA used because this is his forum.

Usually,when I talk about demons,I usually call on Belial,Paimon,Bael and Lucifer.Why?Because these demons like me.They’ve been with me for the longest,and I care for them as much as they do for me.

So,there’s a lot of systems of magick out there you can use.The only one that will work for you,though,is your own.