Demons and sacrifices

RavensAscent’s post on the Law of Attraction has been working for me to draw good things into my life. I view this as a natural/low form of magick (meaning, it is almost a law of nature that is inherent in the way humans are designed and does not require direct intervention from the spiritual world). This does not make it any less important to me (I am FINALLY seeing some good things happen in my life!). However, I can see how it might have limitations.

So of course I have attempted evocations. I am trusting that the beings have come to me even though I have only “felt” them on two occasions. However, none of my requests to them have panned out. So that got me thinking about what they might require to do things on my behalf in this world. Mostly I just approach them out of “friendship” as an equal (like E.A. says we should) and just appeal to their good will to help me within the realm of their expertise. Should I, in fact, be suggesting different sacrifices to them that I would be willing to give (praising their name to people, giving money to a charity, etc)?

Maybe some spirits are more picky than others?

All good questions. I myself was just thinking of what charity i could give to, in honor of Belial and all i can come up with is going to a brothel getting drunk and then pissing all over the front door of a church.(Come to think of it,anyone ever seen Belial and Dionysus at the same time? hmmm;) But in all seriousness, evocation is about giving all your attachment over to the demon. That is the fuel/energy they need to bring back to you whatever it is that you wanted, that’s what they keep telling me anyway. And that’s can be hard i know,saying it and knowing that is the easy part, doing it IS the hard part. And that i think is the real sacrifice that haves to be made, letting the person you are right now die, so the person you want to be can be born. (Well shit, that was deep wasn’t it;) And as to offerings, that’s really between you and the spirit your working with. And the nature of that spirit, if your not sure just open there sigil and asked them, best way to get to know them. And now,if you’ll excuse me. I have to go find a church front door:)

I didn’t reply because for once I have nothing to say - but on this topic, I don’t really see demons being THAT into charities, Belial’s asked me a few times why I wanted to help someone when there was nothing in it (as he saw it) for me, even prisoner charities probably don’t vibe with him because they got caught, and are usually toeing the “I’m a reformed character” line to get any kind of welfare packages or whatever.

I think you’d do better promising to praise them high and low, maybe make some devotional art and upload it with all the right search terms (my art I did for Belial is showing up in the top line of searches in Google Images for the term Belial Dukante right now) and things like that?

Comment them onto magick blogs in an appropriate and respectful way, upload them to a Deviant Art account under a CC0 license, stuff like that - I think most of the spirits we know as “demons” care more about their own self-promotion than some deserving needy orphan. :slight_smile:

If you do charity do it because you want to help people don’t do it because you think you will get something out of it, that defeats the purpose. If you want results from spirits you need to work on your communication with the spirits.

It’s very likely you missed entire conversations. What are you doing? are you staring into the sigil and reciting your words of power and then proclaiming into the air what it is that you want without being sure you are interacting with the spirit?

I have actually peed on a church door before…when I was 14 :o
The church my dad was pastoring for at the time, none the less.

As for charities I would think the spirits would appreciate you helping a non-religious charity. If you seek hard enough you will find some modern day charities that are popping up all over larger cities and they state that their mission is to help people in need without bringing religion into it, so those people can get the help they need without feeling pressured to come to church, without being handed religious booklets, and without having to go to an actual church building to get that help. Some atheists are starting these charities because they also wanted to prove a point that non-religious people can be caring too.

There are also some wiccan/pagan based charities out there, lots of them actually that are always seeking funding to teach and train children who have massive psychic abilities, show them how to develop these powers fully and teach them to disregard skeptical opinions and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not powerful, that is not real. Some of these organizations have been around for quite some time and are legit and ask for donations to help pay for the craft supplies and flash cards that they use to teach the children, since children seem to learn thru more hands on methods like with creating drawings and using pictorial representations.

You just gotta search for them. These charities are legit. The only reason they are so hard to find is not because they’re a scam, it’s because they are operated by and for followers of new age and magickal paths and they are either too afraid of religious people threatening to tear them down or the religious people in their area have gone out of their way not to allow them to advertise their services publicly so they remain in the shadows.