Demons and Other Pantheons

Hello everyone! This post was inspired by a question that I saw someone else post (I lost the post so unfortunately I can’t reference it.)

My question is this…how many of you as Demonolators also work with other pantheons that are not of the demonic?

If you can, please tell us what pantheon/s that is and what your experiences have been? Do they seem to get along well? Do you have to keep them completely separate? Etc…

Thank you!

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From your post, it would seem that you are assuming we are demonolators because most of us work with demons but that is incorrect. Demonolatry is a specific religious practice in which demons are worshipped as the Divine (S. Connolly is probably the most well known demonolatry author) and very few of us fit that definition. A lot of people here hate religion of any kind.

You can work with demons without worship or religion. I easily work with demons, angels and gods of various pantheons.


You are correct. That was my assumption. I apologize. Thank you for clearing that up.

So if you do not worship Demons as Divine beings, or have a “religious” practice surrounding them…what do you view them as exactly? (If not Divine, then…?)

Thank you for your insight. I’m new so I’m just trying to wrap my head around it all.


I guess it depends on what your definition of “Divine” is.

I am a black magician. I view demons and angels as my partners in magick. I bend my knee to no one (except, maybe a sexy whip wielding woman dressed in leather or latex on occasion :wink: )

I do not see demons as anything to worship; they are simply extra-dimensional beings that serve a specific purpose in this universe and that willingly help with furthering my goals. They are not omnipotent beings that are above me; they are not infallible, they can and do fail at tasks, and they can be just as petty and selfish as humans.

What they do have, however, is power, and power, I can use.

While some here take a religious view and get offended if someone talks smack about their favourite demon, I do not (personally, I find it hilarious that people who will willingly bash someone else’s idea of a divine being, like Jesus, will get their panties in a bunch if someone else bashes Lucifer or Satan or King Paimon).

To me, everything is Divine, for everything springs forth from the Eternal, so why would I bow down to demons, when I, as an emanation from that same Source, I am just as divine as they are?


Demons of some form exist in multiple pantheons, Greek have their demons, sumeria, egypt, norse. I tend to work with them, not in the sense of asking them to help me make change or anything, but more in the sense I’ll explore myself and find I’ve had or have some connection to specific entities in specific pantheons and some happen to be demons and non demons within that pantheon.

For me it has been Norse, Greek, Egypt, Sumerian, and Aztec.


Makes sense!

So essentially, it is like saying that “GOD” is “THE ALL” or SOURCE and the Demons are just one emanation of that source with a particular function that they fulfill…even if it is on the “darker” side of the WHOLE.

And I understand about being from the same source and being divine. Makes sense. Interesting perspective.

(Sorry it took so long to respond…the forum said I was posting too much for a newbie. Made me wait 4 hours before I could post again. LOL)



I’m glad I saw this post because I’m new to demonolatry I am reading a lot of s Connolly and whatever else books I can find.

I think for the comment above demonolatry is a religion but to me personally as a solo practitioner I don’t see it as a religion. I guess being a pre initiate and haven’t had much practice yet I see it as a way of life like any other spiritual practice.

Their are two sides to a Daemonolater from what I’ve read one on the religious side and one on the Daemonic Magick side.

It’s kind of hard to distinguish the to without referring to my notes but I think she was saying the Magick aspect is where things like working with the demons to improve the self come in rather than just praying to them doing things to self improve.

I think VK Jehanum on YouTube considers himself a daemonalotor as well.

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Glad it can help! I have S Connolly’s book…just have to get into it.

Thank you for the distinction.

I will look up VK Jehanum…I think I’ve seen him before.

It is really an interesting study so far.

This weekend I plan on invoking Lucifer and King Paimon!

Thank you

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How are you invoking them?

I’m going to research carefully how to do so…I’m knew also so just gotta make sure that I do it properly…but I’m getting the sigils offline so that I can reference and make my own copies. The Enns, candles etc…

Like I said…I’m new so I’m gonna research it step by step before doing it…wish I could tell you more in detail…but I believe it is basically like any ritual…

Candles and Incense
Flash the sigils and chant the Demons’ Enns
Offerings and communication

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That is what I have gathered so far through looking through the forum

You inspired me ima try to invoke Satan or baphomet

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Let me know what happens! lol

How long have you been looking into all this?

Not to long but wait if I do a invocation isn’t that like allowing the spirit to be one with me? Or could the invocation also be seen as calling them forth to communicate?

From my understanding, Invocation will call them into you but it is still for communication…that’s a question for someone more knowledgeable though…

My understanding is that in both Invocation and Evocation, they come into you with the difference being that evocation also has them called in externally from you as well.

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Riiight I will look up evocation of baphomet too but I just have to make sure it’s respectful.

Which s Connolly books do you have? I’m going to make a thread with all my questions I have from reading about demonolatry.


I have her Modern Demonolatry book… it is interesting so far but I’ve only read a bit

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Get the complete book of demonolatry instead Modern Demonolatry is outdated but I’m sure it still has valuable info.

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Are both by the same author?

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