Demons and Muggles

So one of the things that got me started on this path, was curiosity about possession. I know the right handed path of chain’s views and opinions on the subject, i wanted to know a different viewpoint on the typical (ie non-magickian used) demon possession found all over.

Are demons that seek to possess people gods of mischief or chaos that are just doing their thing?

Are the demons that possess normies just ‘smaller things’ than the actual demons discussed here, and thus just part of the food chain?

Lately I’ve been mighty curious, i guess ive been trying to look at best case/worst case scenarios for my practice of LHP


As far as I know, the ones that possess for no reason are strong parasites. Hence why they claim to be Satan or other demons and tell the person (usually christian) that there is no god

So yes, just smaller parts of the food chain

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Oo I’ll reply here because no one else has. I’ve never voluntarily allowed myself to be possessed, by a demon or otherwise, but I do have an example of involuntary possession that happened to me when I was 14.

Religion was taught to us in school, and they should’ve called it ‘Christianity’ because that was the focus, and the teacher was Born Again. And we all know how they view demons, as beings of utter evil serving the Devil. Anyway our religion teacher was teaching us about demons and possession, and I came to realise I was possessed. And this was before I became a proper Christian or got involved in magic at all. I’d felt depressed and weighed down lately, which isn’t too uncommon for teenagers. But I remember arguing with a friend and then I called her ‘fat’, it just blurted out and sounded really cruel and uncharacteristic of me. Cause I was a nice 14 year-old and would’ve never called a young girl fat. So I was astonished and apologized straight away.

So I began to suspect it was possession. I decided I’d pray to God about it. And then I felt a convincing thought, almost like it was pretending to be my own, basically communicating ‘nah let’s not do that’. And so I decided I would definitely go through with it. And after being exposed to the egregore (?) of the Christian God, having my big Saved moment, the demon started acting up that night. I remember it came at me with fear, but instead of me feeling the fear I got the impression it was standing before me holding fear, trying to get me to take it. So when I didn’t take it, it decided to come back with doubt and then fear again. And after I didn’t take those feelings from it either it decided it was going to scare me when I looked in the mirror. Cause I was in the bathroom at the time.

I looked in the mirror and saw the briefest flash of red in my eyes. It’d looked in and then fled, faster than I could even react to it. At the time I’d believed it’d been scared of the holy spirit now inhabiting me. The demon could have left me then, or remained attached to some corner of me and left at some other point in my life. Back then my understanding was so much less broad than it is now. Thinking back to when this happened to me, not through the lens of the old Christian beliefs I once held, I guess this demon was just one of those lower astral creatures that feed off negative emotions. Maybe. I’ve had very limited psychic experiences in my young life, although certainly some strange things happened. Perhaps ‘opening the door’ to this being had more to do with being involved in pagan magic in a past life, as opposed to watching gay pornography, as my old beliefs had me thinking.

Sorry that this is so long and possibly only vaguely relating to what you wanted to know xD But maybe you’ll find it somehow informative and other people may too


From what I’ve read most are actually not demons at all but another kind of spirit. Some are even “ghosts” of human beings.

If they are demons it seems they would be lesser ones.

Thanks for the replies all!
@Encore19 totally on topic in my opinion.

So as lesser things, we are higher in the food chain correct?

How would i destroy them and/or take their energy?

Same way you would do vampyrism to anything. Just suck the little parasitic bastards dry

So like that energy raising ritual of the sun ive found on here, except i focus on a parasite thing and take its energy?