So I haven’t touched demonology much, but I’ll truly love to start. Can someone recommend me some demonology books I can start with (besides the Solomon books) please?

Thank you in advance!

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S. Connolly has quite a few.

Please be aware that there is a huge difference between demonology and demonolatry.

Demonology is simply the study of demons, particularly the historical beliefs around them. Demonolatry, on the other hand, is the religious worship of demons.

If you decide to read anything by S. Connolly, as suggested above, keep in mind that she is a demonolator, not a demonologist, so her information is heavily coloured by her religious ideology.

A lot of people in the occult seem to confuse demonology with demonolatry, but they are two quite different things. One is more of an academic discipline, looking at the historical context surrounding demons and the belief in them, and one is a religion.


Does anyone knows a book of demonology then, not demonolatry?

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The biggest issue with books on demonology is that they are mainly focused through the religious lens of either Christianity or Judaism so it is hard to find any unbiased research. While demons feature in both religions, they have also been part of cultures around the world for much longer than either religion has been around.

If you want a big book of demons that gives cursory snippets about their history and the grimoires they are from, the Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Belanger is pretty good.

If you want information on demons from a magical point of view, S. Connolly’s stuff is probably the most informative in that regard, though she seems to mainly be limited to the demons of the Goetia and Dukante hierarchies.

If you want a historical look, Evil Archaeology: Demons, Possessions, and Sinister Relics, by Heather Lynn is okay. It looks at demons through the historical record, though there is a bit of a religious bias.

You can also try the books by Ed and Lorraine Warren. They were demonologists of the Christian variety.


This also is really handy


It’s funny, I was going to include that one in my list but decided three was enough lol

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Thank you then, I’ll search them!

You have included the books from Ed Warren, who was Guiley’s uncle, her mother’s twin so it was only normal for me to fill the gap :grin:


Pierre macedo witchraft book. Its a mix of magick not talking too much just tothe point. Amazonkindle, $6.and howard vernon amazonkindle.

Ah thst is my mistake, I recognize the difference, but assumed they meant demonolatry for some reason. My thought was well, as far that went she is probably the best resource out there.

To be fair I’ve used her book of Agares with quite a bit of success, like most things I made it my own, but the approach to it was well founded imop.

Wat is imop, ? Thanks.

It’s shorthand for “in my opinion.”

Thanks. Man still learning.

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I know this post is a couple of years old now, but I appreciate you pointing out the differences between demonolatry and demonology. As a demonologist myself (for the last 45 years), I find I have to explain this regularly these days when people find out what I do.

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