Demonology Texts?

From the beginning for my foray into studying the Divinties called “Demons”, i have avoided things under the folder of “Demon-ology”, putting my efforts into Demonolatry and such. mostly due to the issue that It seems alot of it comes through the Christian or judeo christian point of view; so I worry it would come from a unsavory bias.
What is everybodies counsel on going through Demonology Tomes, are there any which woiiuld be well worth my time and eforts, and if so, which ones in particular, or authors would I do well to study through. i can easily sort through the christianite chaff, just sometimes I like to get right to the point.


Well, I am no specialist but through my own experiments, practice, and experiences I found out that usually old texts of Sumeria, Babylon etc tend to describe demonic entities rather well. The only thing I can tell you is to gather as much “mundane” info you can on them and then call them and ask them yourself. That’s what I did and it was rather awesome at times and on other occasions, it was dull or normal in terms of results. For Now, my suggestions in books are:

  1. Maskim Hul
  2. Any of Connolly’s Books
  3. Lake of Fire, Book of Azazel
  4. Infernal Colopatiron (Not really demons but can give quite some knowledge)

Jake Stratton Kent’s True Grimoire and Pandemodium are great texts in addition to the books Alexander12 mentioned. Honestly, the best advice I can give you is invoke demons that resonate with you in a simple elemental circle and ask them about who they are and what they do, and give an offering of thanks. Demons are so much more than the descriptions in the texts. Connolly’s come the closest to those I have experienced if helpful.