Demonolatry The First Religion

So this year has been quite the journey for me when it comes to demonolatry. I started it thinking it was gonna be something quite dark and spooky but the more I learned and tried the more I realized how natural it all felt. I started to get this sort of sense that maybe this was at one point the one true practice. I’m just curious if anyone else started to feel this way. I mean I find that even other LHP practices that involve the daemonic even seem to make it out to be something darker than it is. These beings seem to be quite kind and also seem to honestly enjoy to help. I’m not to sure what I’m getting at aside from the fact that I’ve honestly been loving the journey and wondering if there are other that practice this specific lane of the LHP and if they feel the same.


When I “discovered” Demonolatry, it felt like I was remembering something I’d forgotten in another life. I personally don’t like the modern Demonolatry occult practice (their system is okay) but the religious aspect of it drew me like a moth to a flame.