Demonic Work - Chilldren in the house?


I kind of slacked off on demonic work after I became a Mom 6 years ago. I never had a problem with it before that, but having a small child in the house… I’m much more cautious. Not because I think these entities are all evil child torturing fiends, but just because they often have a much different perception of what’s acceptable and what’s not than we do in our human states, and because it was often hard for me as a child to deal with the things I saw and experienced regarding non-physical entities.

So I was curious, how do you all feel about doing this type of work with children in your house? Do you go to a place outside your home such as the cave Eric talks about in many of his books? I have had outdoor places in the past, but these days I do most of my work in my ritual room in my home. Those of you with children, do you feel it makes a difference whether you do this work inside or outside your home, since often once you evoke these entities they stick with you for awhile, and you have to go home eventually anyway? I’m interested to read other’s experiences. :slight_smile:


I have children in my home and I work with demons. It’s never been a problem. The only thing that has come of it is questions from my kids about books, symbols etc… I don’t push any beliefs on them and talk openly to them (on an age appropriate level, of course)

Needless to say, my rituals happen when they’re either asleep (middle of the night) or are away for weekend visits with their dad.


Kid should be fine unless your putting him in the triangle for the demon to possess it and speak through it. Those dark energies will lure other dark entities around your house and they may be malevolent though.


Maybe my POV is different, or maybe my experiences with the demons that I work with. But, I don’t see how working outside of my home would make a difference, as I’m aware of their presence at any given moment regardless of where I’m at. As for other entities? I practice regular house cleanses to keep my space clear. It just hasn’t ever become an issue.


I personally don’t cleanse ever so my house is like a mass of energy, I definitely wouldn’t keep a kid there. I regularly hear whispering in my house, it would probably scare children… cleanse every once in a while and you should be good.


I was actually quite apprehensive about this at first as well. During my consultation with EA, he recommended putting a border up between the ritual room and the rest of the house. It works to astounding degrees. To the point that not even the incense smoke can be smelled once you pass the border. So, definitely try this. It works extremely well.


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I can just see it, "Hey son, c’mere for a second. Stand right here … ok … now don’t move, k?"
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Are you referring to a physical border, or some kind of astral barrier?


Are you referring to a physical border, or some kind of astral barrier?[/quote]

Ah, I apologize. I should have specified.
An astral barrier. Invoke omnipotence, and pour it out into the doorway or what not. Envision a massive energy wall of omnipotence that severs the rest of the home from the ritual chambers. I usually make it much larger than my home. About 50 ft above and below and half a homes width outward from each side of the house.


lol :slight_smile:
I can just see it, "Hey son, c’mere for a second. Stand right here … ok … now don’t move, k?"
bahahaha :P[/quote]

i probably laughed a little more than i should have at that one…


Well, Cheezus, it WAS kinda funny … being a Mom, we obviously knew it was spontaneous humor … :wink: Z


I can definitely confirm that what DKM said is right on. I do the same thing but I also put up a barrier directly around my daughter. This is manly because she is 1 year old and ridiculously sensitive. This works out so well that even my cursed ring doesn’t affect her.


That was helpful, thanks!