Demonic Weapons in our DNA

“Eric: Yes. Azazel, what… what is this weapon?..

Azazel: It’s the human DNA!”—Azazel: steal fire of gods

One question was for a long time in my mind what is inside our DNA?

What is this weapon?

We are all born at a specific time and with a destiny of properties

And we inherited all the genes from our parents and they inherited them from our parents, but there has to be a beginning،

We know that we did not come from heaven like Adam and Eve

So what was the start?

When I asked the demons this question, they said: At first it was the sludge that became the worm, the worm became the snake, and the snake became the yeti and yeti became human.

I understand that demons have creatures in this world and they are viruses

In biology, viruses are not living things

They only show signs of life when they enter a living organism such as a bacterium or cell,

Our seriousness was infected with a virus and it was our mutant starter

But it was more than a simple leap …

“Azazel: You are not a finished product, you are not a finished

product, you are only now becoming…”

Each of us was born in a zodiac sign

And the towers are divided by four elements,

Air, fire, water and earth

Birth in any tower affects our DNA


gemini-libra-aquarius are towers that are ruled by the air element


aries-leo-sagittarius are towers that are ruled by the air element


cancer-scorpio-piscesare towers that are ruled by the water element


taurus-virgo-capricon are towers that are ruled by the earth element

Inside your DNA are the silent genes of a monster that even affect your current life.

People born in the three air-related towers have a vampire gene

They are calm people, usually with a slight sense of sadness, light skin, a relatively thin body and do not gain weight, they are smart and emotional … and have the moral signs of a vampire, their eyes are mostly dark brown,

I call the air element genes generaly by vampire name

Because I do not know what other genes are in the gene

People born in the three towers associated with the element of fire have the magician gene, they have more human characteristics than others, they are warm-hearted and brave, I do not know much about them.

And people born in the three water-related towers have mermaid genes, they are happy with a normal body, they love water and they are emotional and benevolent, unlike vampires.

, Because vampires are usually benevolent only to those they love, not all. And of course they have the genes of creatures with Medusa bodies.

And finally, the towers that are ruled by the earth element have the werewolf gene, they endure more physical pain in their lives, sometimes they get angry quickly and have a normal or obese body, and those with green or light brown eyes These three world towers have stronger genes.

There is still a lot to know about this and it is not a lie to say that I do not know anything, I am sorry for my English because it is not my mother tongue and I would be happy if you want know about how to activate the gene .

Thank you


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What gene do you have?

The fire gene is linked to the sun and the sun gods
Meditate on the sun and ask Apollo to activate your gene, but this may take years, gomory have powerful spells to activate all genes.
Also work with Thagirion in qliphoth

you born in sagittarius ?

The fact that the eye color correlation leads me to question and doubt the hypothetical validity of the rest of your hypothetical linkages between horoscope “towers” and various people resembling the mythical creatures(in looks, powers, abilities or skills). I know people in the various horoscopes who’s eye color is not as you have stated those people should have, which is why I doubt your hypothesis’ validity.

Body type links are also questionable.

Add: keep working on it. You could be onto something in portions of your theory, even though other parts appear invalid.

I did more research on vampires because I was born there
Vampires have crimson eyes, the closest color in human color suffering is brown, and if you reduce its melanin it turns red, the vampire gene affects the body’s melanin and almost zeroes it
Because of this they have white marble skin
They have light hair and red eyes

I have no emphasis on limiting eye color in genes, I told most of my own experiences with humans :black_heart::sparkles::fire:

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And if a transposon messed up your “monster” sequence, what then?

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blueprint codex of your past existences, relationships and lovers are atleast…

I had raptors, and other reptilian stuff coded and hid in my body/dna.

also hypnosis related stuff can be crafted in dna, learning self-hypnosis to lower your gears is good way to “get to your” dna

Sadly as a Libra none of this is true. I am not skinny, gain weight and have green eyes. I am also pretty emotionless and disconnected.

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