Demonic trials

Is anyone experienced bad situations following a pact with belial or azazel. I feel like they are testing me ill add more as to whats going on after i hear from others in this post

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Belial and Azazel are both famous or infamous for rearranging and removing things in your life that are holding you back or are no longer necessary, as you can imagine this can and often does cause a great deal of havoc, but most come through it in a better place and are stronger for it.


Well what happened was im going through a court case i have had death threats against me and physical violence threats if i testify against a co-defendant that got me caught up in the case also ive had people tell me im a creepy stalker when i have done nothing but keep to myself and try to pull through this horrible event in my life.

That sucks. Have you gone on the offensive with these people? Magickly speaking, ask Belial or Azazel to destroy them?

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I cannot remember it on-hand, but there is a lesser ranking demon that specializes in Law… oh yeah. Eligor/Eligos.

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I have gone on the offensive

Last i spoke to eligos his power was too heavy but i have thought of speaking with him