Demonic singing

Is their a demon i can invoke to help me sing with better tone and pitch instantly? i’m really having a hard time with lessons and i want to get my career started, hope its not too unrealistic.

maybe not instantly but Ive heard rumors that King paimon is a musical spirit.

Amdusias is said to assist in musical talents.


so maybe i should invoke one of them?

if you’ve already a relationship with one of them, sure.

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also, how often do you practice and is it with a tuner

i practice for a hour everyday with a program called singing made simple, i can’t afford a vocal coach at the moment

ah. an hour everyday is pretty good, im an ex musician myself. hold on a sec

while nice! what music did you play?

saxophones (alto and tenor) flute, keyboard, clarinet

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Oh i see, so your more of a instrumental guy then a vocalist.

yea. i have some knowledge in vocals but not enough to help you. if that program has a tuner-esque type thing, use it in you practices, it will change everything

You could put a Nataraja (dancing shiva) in your room, I’ve heard it has made drastic changes in people life in relation to dancing and singing. Although you have to be careful for a day or two since it has a strong destructive consciousness and coming into your space it can show some weird results.


Because I don’t consider Angels to be RHP (too alien and inhuman in my personal experience) you could try Israfel, the Twins of Poetry, Music, and Dance.

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Also, on a more mundane note, singer to singer, remember that breath is everything. Try some yoga breathing exercises, like flow yoga or something thay forces your body to use oxygen wisely. Quit trying to sing in the car, since sitting down cuts off your breath and creates terrible habits. Swim, with breath control. Put a candle near your mouth and shout, trying not to flicker the flame.

Seriously, focus on your breath, it is important


Well there not demons but you can try the muses and sirens of greek mythology too.


You could also try some necromancy and get I don’t know john lenan to teac you :wink:

Lucifer and King Paimon are good choices. Satan as well (look into the meeting the devil at the cross roads folk myth and you’ll see why).

I have considered this but i never knew if it was a valid ritual