Demonic script inconsistencies

Mr.koetting says the script around the universal circke is the same as the one around the seal of the,if you fortunate enough to own the k.o.f digital edition and the printed one, you’ll notice that the script differs albeit a,the script on the universal circle is …well different from the k.o.f ones. Also if you watch mr.koettings video “inside magick temple/studio” you’ll notice a different script on his circle(more like the digital k.o.f one) WHICH IS THE TRUE SCRIPT

Interesting you noticed that. In comparing the Seal of the Sorcerer from the digital KoF and the images of the UC online I see what you refer to.

It seems that the KoF rendition of the script is designed as a hand written script with straight lines, (similar to printing with a pencil)whereas the UC script is more stylized and artistic with some variation in the angles of a few select characters (like writing with a pen in calligraphic lettering).

To me it seems like the same script, just written in a different font with some artistic flourish. There may have been some adjustments in the script due to a difference in application between the seal, designed to be worn or displayed, and the circle, which is designed to set apart a working area.

This is all conjecture, as only E.A. can provide a definite answer.

Don’t forget the author does not draw his own images in many books as an artist is hired by the publisher to draw the sigils , circles etc. this would explain for the differences in style of the images.