Demonic Reputations & Morality


A trick you can try is to read something. Then put the book down and go about your mundane life. Then, begin slowly preparing for the channeling session or whatever it is you do. The idea is to let the information you read “digest,” so to speak, and stop thinking about it so it doesn’t interfere. I’ve found in my own experience that the information only interferes if you’ve been researching for, let’s say, 4 hours straight and then jumping INSTANTLY into doing some magic. Taking a break after researching and making necessary preparations seems to remove this issue.


That’s very useful actually… I will try it out when I get into those books!
I know that my development might be slower that way, but the satisfaction I receive when I find out about things I didn’t knew before it’s probably trippled knowing that it did came from them. It combines the pleasure of exploring and confirming my own powers.


You might find that the spirits will correct the wrong information in the books and then actually point you to the correct information. That’s what usually happens when you’re somewhat versed on the topic; there is no regurgitation on the spirit’s end, but a far better way of communicating. Good luck!


If a BM consistently makes it their mission to spread pain and suffering, kill innocents, and manipulate others, then yeah, that pretty much fits the consensus definition of “evil”, no?

Not at all. There is a world of difference between trying to fearmonger against working with a spirit/practitioner, and simply recognizing that said spirit/practitioner can and does perform actions that fit the consensus definition of evil.

IMO, it’s better to recognize this and apply your own common sense as far as whether to work with someone, rather than believe that all entities are filled with love and light and always have our best interests in mind no matter what, which is decidedly not the case.


Oh but that’s not me :slight_smile: I don’t place them under love and light, or hugs and fluffy unicorns. Do I give you a lightworker vibe? :smiley:
I’m actually very open to whatever they have for me. If It something I find it unpleasant, I can handle it just fine. As I have said many times before, I am a rebel after all :stuck_out_tongue: And I had an open war with a God for some time. So there’s that. :tipping_hand_woman:


Ah, no, wasn’t necessarily pointing fingers at you. :grin:

I’m just trying to advocate for a more nuanced view between the two simplistic polarities of “all demons are bad and should be mistrusted” and “all demons are just misunderstood and want to help you”, is all.


Right, and Satanel is just another name for Samael. And I’ve regularly spoken about how Samael, who is called the Satan, is an angel in Jewish mythology. One of the earliest, in fact, because he appears in the Book of Job which is possibly the earliest book of the Bible. It was a Christian corruption that caused Satan to be seen as the king of demons.


Except, I flat out deny connections between most gods that are made on this forum. For example, I don’t believe that there is any connection between Lucifer and Enki. If one must be found, it might be Atar, but just because some gods have similarities doesn’t make them the same.


There’s also Islam with their own idea of Satan a.k.a. Iblis. The Satan of the Goetic Tradition, on the other hand, is something I wouldn’t speak about without solid experience. By that I mean a deep bond with this spirit which is what I do not have.

Do be careful with that, though. The astral is an ever-shifting world, and so are its inhabitants. One particular spirit could be another spirit you wouldn’t ever suspect. The way I see it, UPG only holds merit if it is useful. So for instance, let’s say spirit X says he’s also spirit Y. If this knowledge benefits me in some way and helps me get better results, then it’s worth it.


I can see why someone would make that connection. However, Lucifer is not Attar. I mean, I’m sure he could shapeshift into whatever god, but that’s just it. Shapeshifting. One needs to study the Goetic tradition and actually come into contact with these beings. Veritable contact, and then cast judgement after developing a deep bond wherein the deity opened up to the mage about these things.

Contacting Lucifer, though…heh, good luck with that…


I personally don’t work with Angels, but a fellow witch uses Angels for baneful magic. I think every being, us included, have the capacity to do evil and to do good, however we want to define it. I just don’t like society’s attitude to Darkness being evil and Light being good. I think being conditioned like that scares many people away from a path of Darkness. Pity…


Not only that, but also the edgelords. You have people who shun the darkness because it’s evil, and then you have people “working with the darkness because it’s evil.” The dark fluff crowd, you know.

I really don’t know who is more annoying of these two groups. Both of them are doing a great disservice.


True that, it’s like Dark Wicca. I think people should stay away from the occult if they have such limited mindsets. But luckily most fall away when they find out there is actual work involved in working with Spirits, Deities or Demons. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well if things go well, the spirits would beat such nonsense out of the people’s heads. I was quite close-minded (and still am to some things) before. I was your usual inverted Christian dualist. demon-good, angel-bad. Now…I’m in the “there’s no fkin fundamental difference, man” camp. :sunglasses:


I personally view any being with a vast amount of knowledge that exceeds my own, to be a god.

Honestly, if the entity can change our reality at all, it is a god to us.

Whos to say the gods dont have gods? Maybe in the higher dimensions entities worship higher entites and it continues so forth.

“As above so below”

To further this discussion we would first have to identify the properties that indicate godhood.

To me, status is irrelevant, i approach those whos gifts and personalities align with my own desire, for knowledge.


That reminds me of a video.


This might be slightly off topic but I’ve thought about stuff like this a little before, specifically why it seems that gods/demons etc appeared to ask for or want human sacrifices more in ancient times yet are happy to accept a pizza as an offering in today’s world. I wonder if they actually adapt to modern times/ideals to an extent, realizing that human sacrifice then may have been an acceptable and important ritual in society during ancient times but that it will land us in prison in modern days. Of course it’s also possible that they weren’t asking for sacrifices then as well and that people with the power to claim they were used that as an excuse/justification.


Because pizza tastes better than a pile of burnt animals to the ash. If bbq then do it right.


We do have better food these days. :thinking:


I believe the act of learning and utilizing their knowledge as a form of offering, they like to see us grow it means we are listening, but characteristics of how we feel them as is important (Lilith Loves fruit and apples).


Kinda…but kinda not…processed food is uh idk, but I DO still love vegan canned soup so…