Demonic Reputations & Morality


Sorry for the confusion Moloch (the “false” idol the Canaanites offer babies to in the bible/or something) is supposedly a face of Ba’al or is crunched in as the same entity, I wouldn’t condone baby killing if i could help it. I was just saying I’ve never been asked to sacrifice babies under Ba’al despite being aware of this potential face.


Lady Eva actually referred me to him, I drew his sigil and then he made it vanish in front of my eyes lol. Well, more like it fell from my hands and I havent seen or found it since (it fell in my room).


I’m not aware of such a mask, and until he tells me himself that he really is that Moloch or/and he asks for baby sacrifices, I won’t believe it :smiley: That’s why I don’t like to search which God comes under what mask. Humans like to mix things a bit too much.


It’s like the ancient Egyptian god Amun/Amon who fused with Ra. Are we to assume that the demon Aamon and Amun are one and the same? Amun being the primal god of the ancient Egyptians and the father of the Egyptian god Khonsu-does that then make Khonsu a demon himself?

Forgive me, I’m still not too knowledgeable on goetic magick


I can see the merit in that, i usually get interested and look up a deity to get a lil background info on them. A lot of my additional readings are probably pointed via supernatural.


The demons still working on their own ascent & paths just on the next level to us! :grin::grin:


It really depends on your philosophy and experience, no one has a perfect answer. Some people treat different names as entirely new beings others try and connect the dots to the other names or faces. Lots of deities get mushed together but either way it doesnt stop them from helping us haha :hugs:


Ah, there, I don’t do that. When there’s a name I don’t know, I only check if there’s a sigil and an enn. I evoke the Entity and then I cross check if what I experienced resonates with anyone else. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, I take it as my personal experience or if you like UPG and move on my day :smiley:


Oh yeah, different approaches haha. I did it all the time originally when I was just a young lad, I became interested in Apollo and the greek pantheon so I went and read up on them. I also didnt know they were real either tho lol

But this seems to work for me and its not uncommon.


That is true-until I go to Aamon himself my theory goes that they were one and the same before but due to other religions at the time-semetic jews and other groups inevitably demonised the primal god Amun or rather attempted to demonise him and gave birth to the demon Aamon. Arguably, I don’t know a lot about the two except that I know anything can become demonised


If it works for you then that’s fine! I don’t do much research before hand, because that leads to expectations and expectations lead to “false” experience. Speaking about that Moloch dude (never heard about him before), you think he is the “evil being” here or the humans who accepted to sacrifice their babies to him? If I ask you to kill your mother (if we suppose you love her) or else I’ll make you suffer, do you really have to do what I said? Dunno, for me one of them is worst than the other. :woman_shrugging:


I guess the humans are the real one to blame lol, I mean, they do have free will so it makes sense. The question you propose is quite interesting though, it reminds me of an episode of Lucifer actually.


Yea, and lets not go behind the prieshood, the ones who “serve the Gods and speak in their behalf”. How many were actually corrupted? Do you know how many sacrifices were made because a priest said so? Tsk.


There is no “genetic” difference between a deity, a demon, and an angel. What you call a deity is most often a nature spirit elevated by the people. Many pagan deities were transformed into demons and angels. Hell, even the grimoires themselves aren’t quite clear which spirit is a demon or an angel. Here’s an example:


Cassiel in some books is listed as an angel, and in some books is listed as a demon.

Here are even more examples which might shock you (note the highlighted name):

I really don’t think I need to tell you who Satanel is. But, back to the point. The books you’ll read are written by hardcore dualists. Anything that did not conform to their idea of a good spirit was listed as a demon. Elementals, fae, djinn, and so on are classified as demons. But the funny part was, they weren’t really consistent with their classifications. It’s a mess, really. Not all of them were worshiped as gods, but the point remains the same.

I heard quite a few times that angels are egregores made by the JCI which is absolute nonsense. As I’ve mentioned, some pagan deities were transformed into angels. An example would be Reshef Mikal who is a deity very similar to Nergal; a chthonic deity of plague. Guess what? He became the Archangel Michael as you know him today.

You can read Aaron Leitch’s writings on this if you’re interested in more info. This article seems good too about this whole Reshef - Archangel Michael thing.

Don’t let the wikipedia warriors and armchair magicians sway you in this. They’re usually the ones who think that every fertility goddess of love and war is the same figure at her core. Spirits are multifaceted beings with many planetary and planary attributions. And often times they have dual roles and opposing aspects.

Like the Archdemon Astaroth, for instance. He also has a celestial side to him called Asteraoth, and he is a thwarting angel who keeps demons in check.



The wikipedia warrior thing is a playful jab at you, @StewardofSophia . I didn’t mean to sound vitriolic; that’s just how I express myself I guess.


I will agree on this, especially wiki-magicians have done a great mix and match.
Not all deities that share similar attributes with each others are the same being because they really aren’t… But. There is an interconnection between all divinity that shares the same Current (to put it very general) but not only limited there. There is a passing on, of energy.
As I said that doesn’t mean they are the same deity as each one of them is a perfect individual being. It’s a how a Current interracts with human consiousness.


Although I really, really, REALLY don’t like the dark fluff; there’s an awesome explanation offered in the Book of Sitra Achra that you might like. At least, it reminds me of what you just said. I’m not quite sure if I agree with it, though. Probably not, but it’s still an interesting read.


I’ll save these pages to read them at some point later, when I’ll be a bit more progressed :smiley: I’m still a newbie after all!
It’s nothing personal, my knowledge doesn’t come from books, and from a quick look I saw something about other traditions, which I really avoid to read in order to avoid “expectations”. I don’t like to take someone else’s experiences as mine.


Nah, I completely understand. It can be a bit overwhelming. What I like to do is just take 1 tradition and stick to that, and read about other stuff casually. Could you imagine the horror of me trying to cramp 10 different traditions into 1 single paradigm? Oh dear…

But, if I may offer a piece of advice. Books are important. I won’t chastise you for it, but you should know that the spirits cannot give you accurate information if you don’t possess the right mental tools for them to use to communicate their message. They’ll have to dumb down their messages severely and that could be really far from the truth.

Here’s an article that explains this beautifully:


Ah thank you for that! I’m not exactly against books, for example if someone asks me what is a butterfly blood ink, or if a Spirit mentions that (and trust me, when they want to make you search they will make you do it), then I will research it. But I won’t search for it before hand, because I will expect to hear about it in my channellings…
I have found out many interesting things that way, things I never heard before and things I never imagined. So, for now it works! Definitely I have on plan to read some specific books in the (very) near future.