Demonic possession

hey i want to get possessed by a demon to have all his powers so how to do that what is the ritual that needs to be performed

This’ve been answered before the time you asked the exact same thing about wanting to be posessed by azazel, did you just not read the replies? If you’re asking again because you didnt like the answers then dont expect anything to change just because you started another thread.

To recap what was said in the previous thread : You’re not just suddenly gonna start casting lightning out of your hands because you’re posessed, you still have to work for any results.

With that out of the way, posession is basically just bringing their energy and consciousness into you like invocation and keeping it there.

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My advice, stop jumping in at the deep end, you’ll get no where. Start with meditation and simple magic and work up to a possession. Perhaps read my post in the new magicians thread.

start with the black sun exercise and speak with leviathan, ive had great experiences and stuff with him, as well as lucifer. i dont advise just straight out getting possessed if youre new. pm me for more detail and questions