Demonic Possession


Demonic Possession can happen and it’s been a documented fact throughout recorded human history. I never used to believe in it myself until a few years ago when it happened to a friend of mine.

I’m writing this here not to put anybody off practicing Magick. But to be very aware that at this stage of human development, that we only understand what and whom we are working with to a very small degree at this stage.

We are also relying on others experiences and sometImes what one person can do safely, another cannot. This is just a fact of life. Not always fair I realize that but it just is.

Often for reasons that we may never understand yet it happens all of the time, because Magick is not an exact science yet? Hopefully one day it will be just that.

Nobody in human history truly ever knows it all. We all share collective knowledge between us. Yet there is still so much “out there” that we just don’t understand yet?

Be careful and please don’t get hurt ok and practice Magick safely and intelligently with true knowledge along with spiritual understanding.


I’ve seen first hand what happened to a male Magickian friend a few years ago now whom lost control of a ritual or should I say, a pact. It was meant to be fairly simple as in the basic ritual itself. However my Mage friend was asking quite a lot of this particular demon at the time. Which he had never worked with before either.

He used only candles, incense and the demon’s Sigil written with a quill on piece of parchment using his own blood to seal his pact with this demon. He actually cut from his own hand far deeper than needed. It hurt him a lot and he had a bandage around his hand for nearly a week to cover the deep scalpel cut in his palm.

When I asked him quite awhile later “Why did you cut so deeply there”? He said “because I wanted to make sure (he) demon…got the message and to make sure that he had plenty of blood to spare”.

He used his blood to write out the demon’s sigil that he had decided to use for his Magick. To make the pact very clear to the demon and “to bait him”. His words not mine.

Baiting is something that is at times used in necromancy to help the dead be usually more willing to work with the living.

This demon was meant to help him not only achieve lots of sex but plenty of money too. I happen to think this he asked for too much in one hit.

However after he had completed his ritual he was very happy with himself and celebrated by having quite a few shots of whiskey instead of grounding himself.

This is a mistake in my opinion and others too. Just don’t do it after something major like this because after has happened. We know it is!

He felt that his entire ritual had been a great success at the time and even thought that he had seen the demon in the dark by candlelight too. At the time he had no idea what had really happened back then? Nor what had been unleashed at the time nor why?

After his initial ritual he certainly had lots of sex with many different “easy going” women. He then started drinking more and more. To the point of virtual psychosis where he would get really violent and start hurting himself badly. Often cutting himself and smearing blood around his place.

He said that he had no idea what he was doing? He had increased lapses of time that he couldn’t account for. His sexual encounters became more and more violent. He was also taking lots of time off work because of this. Therefore he was losing money not gaining it.

However this is what this very evil demon wanted most of all was for him to suffer far more and obviously wanted him to shed far more blood too.

He was very experienced practicing Magick and this never should have happened to him yet it did. It may have been the demon he conjured?

Or it may have been some evil entity that had been lurking in his home for years? Just waiting to latch on to some living blood and therefore a living host. I tend to think it was the demon that was summoned via the blood laden Sigil.

For reasons of safety and confidentiality I’m never going to reveal the demon’s name, nor sigil that he used. As it wouldn’t be responsible for me to do so after what happened to my friend. He lived a true nightmare worse than most horror movies.

He tried banishings from low Magick to high Magick. You know from the LBRP to Ceremonial Magickal. Elaborate Rituals as in the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Temple Orientis (Aleister Crowley). But still nothing would stop this demon or entity from destroying him bit by bit.

In a year or so his entire life was shattered in so many different ways. He vowed to never practice Magick of any kind ever again. He destroyed all of his notes, BOS, statues, magickal tools, Grimoires along with the blood sigil pact specifically, that he felt in fact he knew, which had started all the chaos in the first place.

Before it got better it all got far worse. To the point where the demon kept on becoming more powerful and could take over his entire body, psyche and spirit at will. The violence always involved bloodshed though and often the demon whilst within him, would force him to write his sigil in blood everywhere too.

He got his house cleansed by a professional shaman. This only seemed to make the demon more angry. It went on to fully possess him even more and causing more damage within his home. He also had various paranormal and poltergeist type phenemena of various kinds as well.

He finally realised that he needed some help? But what to do and whom to go to? Nobody would’ve believed it and he felt embarrassed too. Especially as an established Dark Mage.

After telling his story to the Catholic Church. Various priests took notes from him along with copies of his blood sigil and every thing else involved with this demon.

It seemed that according to them, this was an acute and very genuine case with evidence of actual demon possession according to the Roman Catholic Church.

Now as many know already it’s very hard to convince the Catholic Church that you ever really need an exorcism? However the Catholic Church at the time were planning to do the rite of exorcism upon him at the time.

He was actually planning to travel to Rome to have it done properly after around a year of proving his case to them. He was ready to go because he was really sick and tired of this demon/entity destroying his life in every single horrific way.

But then like a miracle after he moved somewhere else a long way from his original home he was suddenly fine. The demon seemed to have gone back to where it belonged. Back to the abyss perhaps.

At first he couldn’t believe it. But then as three days, then a week, a fortnight, a month and then three months without any demonic activity at all. Not even a nightmare let alone any bloodshed at all affected him. It truly was an amazing outcome after so much torment.

However many of his magickal friends were doing their best in their/our own ways to help rid him of this demon. Nobody knows to this day what, how or whom got rid of it? Or whether it just decided it had done enough damage to its human host, got bored or whatever and disappeared somehow. As if had never existed at all.

I and others sometimes wonder whether there may have been some evil prescence/spirit/demon/entity from his old home that may have attached itself to him and enjoyed causing chaos? Until it nearly destroyed him to death! None of us will never know for sure what stopped it either?

I’m happy to report that the “Ex-Mage” is now happily married, demon/entity free, fully employed and living in his new home in peace. We are all very happy for him because he truly lived through a nightmarish scenario that most couldn’t ever endure. He is also Magick free in every way and won’t even read about it anywhere at all.

The reason I’m sharing this story because I believe that people in general should be careful about what they invoke or evoke? Along with whom or what they make pacts with, especially if it involves your own blood.

Always study all mythology, characteristics and it’s qualities that it have ever been known throughout recorded history always. Then write what you really do know about it all down, long before you even draw a practice sigil of it. As well as long before you actually do your ritual with it, him or her.

I also wouldn’t use your blood unless your 100% really sure that no harm will come to you nor those close to you in anyway whatsoever.

I’m saying this even though I have used blood rituals myself for Intense Healing Spellcraft only. I would never use my blood for any demon, Godform, spirit or entity of any kind whatsoever only. As sometimes you may think you know what your doing? But also you may not.

As once you write a sigil in your own blood, your own DNA, it’s virtually like signing a legally binding contract to that demon/entity from you, to do with it as it/he/she pleases. Which means that it/he/she can do whatever they like with you, if they choose to do so.

I realise that things don’t usually get this horrific very often. However it can happen and people do get hurt.

So please be careful with whatever demon, god forms, spirits or entities that you evoke, invoke and/or make pacts with, especially if your writing their Sigil in your blood.

If this helps some of you plan, study and really plan and think about your Magick far more seriously before you practice it? Well that’s just great!

I wish all whom read this all the best success with your magickal practice but make sure that you always plan well. As good planning helps to protect any magickal practitioner from harming themselves accidentally.




Sorry for your friend.
Please share us the demons name,so we can be more careful if would be considered to work with him.


You know your friend may have not summoned who he thought he was summoning. What he was dealing with could have been a parasitic entity. As far as I know, demons don’t usually go out of their way to do something like that to a person unless you piss them off or disrespect them in some shape or form.


Robert Bruce says in his course introduction that Demonic encounters like this can only be Survived. So apparently a person cannot win over the Demon.
Also, did the Deliverance Team, Exorcists use the name of Jesus Christ, and, did it work, or, did they do a group Occult working with various tools to banish it.??


I am sorry to read that :frowning: name would be useful for us to be aware of this entity… thank you for sharing


If this story is true, and, if the priests, deliverance team, etc. were successful in casting this thing out PERMANENTLY then, It should be common sense to give the Demon’s name ( at least that ) and maybe the sigil, along with how the priests cast the Demon out.
This way people would be informed as to the entity, its powers, weaknesses, activities, and the cure, remedy to eliminate it.
Caveat: Viewer discretion advised. View and , whatever else you decide to do with this information, at YOUR OWN RISK. No one else will be held responsible for your choices in this matter. ( I heed that advice myself, , EH ??? )
((( “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” )))


Please can you share the demon’s details so that people can be careful?


While reading through your description, several things are obvious to me.

  1. Your friend should not have cut himself open like that.
    Pharmacists at your local drugstore will sell you individual syringes for $0.25 each if you ask them for an emergency syringe.
    Even better, volunteer as a practice dummy at a medical college phlebotomy class, so the nurses in training can practice draws on you. Ask them to let you keep your blood vials as a reward. PAY THEM if you have to. $10 for a 5 minute blood draw isn’t too much to ask, and you can get 3 or 4 full vials of blood (up to 20mL) with a butterfly needle and replaceable vials. That is PLENTY of blood drawn by a budding professional instead of you cutting yourself open.

  2. Your friend was asking for it. Blood links the spirit TO YOU! You say your friend had experience, but i question that. Did your friend not realize the bait he set WAS HIMSELF? How can he be surprised when a spirit set upon him? This stuff is not a joke! Playing with danger is all fun and games until danger decides to play back.

  3. Your friend sounds like he was hag-ridden by an elementary/larvae. Your story has tells. I don’t see anywhere in your story that the spirit showed itself to him or gave him its name, it just set upon him. TELL. He had no idea what was riding him. The spirit repeatedly had him get drunk and cut himself open - TELL. Elementaries, larvae, and vampyres feed on human vitality. When your friend moved, the spirit possessions stopped. TELL. Elementaries tend to be genii loci, meaning they’re bound to a location near the place they died. If your friend moves back to where he was and the spirit re-enters his mind, that’s an elementary or larvae, a dead human’s earthbound spirit, not a demon. There are more tells as well.

  4. Your friend made things worse with the alcoholic binge after the ritual. Alcohol puts you in a suggestible state. The elementary had plenty of ins to his psyche. It seems to me the elementary used his subsequent drunk binges as an inducement to re-enter him until it got firmly inside of his head and then used his violent cutting to feed itself on his vital energy.

  5. Banishing won’t work when you tie something to your blood. that’s like swallowing something and scratching your navel. It has no effect.

  6. Your friend was too embarrassed to admit he was wrong due to him having established a reputation as a Dark Mage. Ok, i’m going to go full asshole here. Having interacted with some of the baddest magicians on the planet, i can tell you that seeking a magickal reputation is the mark of an amateur. It amazes me how full of themselves small-time magicians are, compared to the relative humility of the badasses i’ve interacted with. Idk why, but people who want to be seen as important strike me as having far bigger egos than people who are actually important. Be careful who you call an expert in this game. Also, take this as a warning not to get too big for your britches in occultism. There are a lot of things out there that can’t wait to remind you that you’re only human.

  7. As far as not telling the world who the demon is, good call. The demon didn’t do anything, so no point in blaming it for what happened to your friend.

The whole thing is unfortunate, but sadly, you live and learn in magick.

Sometimes you learn you shouldn’t have done that.

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