Demonic pact

Hey everyone I am new to all this and I already made a topic similiar to this one.
I wanted to know which spirit I should summon as a beginner to get the desired things I want as fast as possible.
If anyone here could help me with pact making in general I would be more than thankful.

Welcome to the forum. Please use the search function in the upper right. There are many, many threads with information on pacts and how to make them.


You made a post asking this already and many of us answered but you ignored all of us.

Why would we answer again?
Please use the search function if you do not wish to actually talk with us.

Im sorry I was using this website on my phone and got confused because I didnt understand how it this website works on my phone which is why I just introducef myself just now as well

Ahh okay that makes sense. Where you able to see any replys?
Checking our search function is a good way to get details on pacts but depending on what you want would depend on who you contact. Some would help without a pact as well, it depends.

You don’t have to share personal stuff of course, just think about what avenues you need most work on and we could help suggest Spirits (Daemons, Angelics, etc) who might specialize in that area.

Thanks for your advice! As a complete newbie its more difficult.
Basically what I would want from the pact are major changes in some personality traits of mine, but not only as some kind of effect. And not neccessarily knowledge as well.
I hope that makes sense to you, maybe you have some tips for me, Id be thankful!

I’m new to this as well. Well I have been studying about the occult for like two years but I’m just getting into opening sigils and learning how to like invoke and stuff. I don’t know much but I mean at first I would look at a list of the Goetia demons and see which one calls out to you. Maybe medititate on their sigil and enn. Do your own research though cause I could be wrong. Like i said I’m just learning myself. The first spirit that kind of came into my head was Bune. I’ve been meditating on her sigil and listening and chanting to her enn. I have had a dream about her so I think that’s a good sign? But lately I’ve been hearing Belial in my head a lot. But I don’t believe that’s a good starter. But then what do I know. Do what comes to your intuition. I feel like you should get to know the spirit first and learn as much as you can before you decide to like make a pact.

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That can be accomplished by simply invoking a chosen Entity. The more you are around them the more they influence you to become like them.

What virtues are you wanting to develop specifically? Patience? Wisdom? Who you choose would depend on the answer.

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He was my and many others first though.

Oh okay. Like I said I’m not sure. I just see E.A making him sound so extreme that like it kind of made me not want to start with him. If that makes sense. I felt like i should be more advanced to even try to connect to him. But I’m still trying to learn as much as I can and it’s really hard working six days a week.

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Oh he’s brutal. No fluffy bunny coddly stuff there. But he embraces new people and he isn’t super big on everything being highly ritualistic and movie perfect so for someone who is new that can be comforting. Less pressure for perfection basically?

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Yes that is really comforting actually. I have been getting his name in my head a lot recently. I’ve never done anything more than meditated in a sigil. But it was only Bune but i have felt changes in my life for what I asked. I know I can search on her what to do. But since you have experience with him, would it be okay if I just meditate on his sigil at first and just try to reach out to him in my head? I can get candles and offerings and stuff. I just don’t want to jump into it without all the right knowledge. Sorry i have to to work but if you could help me out with any tips and message me I would highly appreciate that. If not its totally fine. Thank you for helping me this much.

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Yes. Meditating on his Sigil and enn is fine.

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Thank you so much for your help

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