Demonic Pact with Dantalion for Love and Existing Curses


My name is Jasmin. I am new to this forum.

I have decided to make s demonic pact with Dantalion to bring back a lost love. However, the person was someone of a bad moral, so I also cursed him financially and socially to teach him a lesson.
I would like to bring him back, but at the same time I want him to be punished until he realizes that how wrong he is!

My question to you all is, if I make a pact with Dantalion to bring him back - while the financial and social curse exist, will the pact still work? If the pact does not work, will I be harmed somehow?

P.s. A magician is making the pact for me. But I feel that he does not have a proper answer to this.

Thank you so much everyone for reading this.


Why do you want to bring him back.? I’m confused.

I love this person. I know he is a terrible person sometimes, but if he gets a good lesson… he will be in right direction.
For example, he is not respectful to anyone… starting from a McDonalds server to my parents even!
He is very rude, show off his money and often has alcohol issues.
These things grew over the period of time more and more. But I feel like it all can be changed, just if he is pushed back to the right direction.
In order to experience how to deal with good finance, he needs to learn not to spend a lot on alcohol.
To experience my pure love, he needs to know that not to hurt me by flirting with random online women. Besides we both are grown ups. He is at 40s and I’m at early 30s. Although, we both are in USA, there are traditional family involvements from my country too.

Am I making sense?

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You should accidentally kill him. I’m only kidding.


Thought about it once!
But I will still have to go through finding another men after investing all these year on such an a**** lol

I will better keep him to clean my toilet and kitchen, and moreover, a family making machine only - until he changes!!!

This actually sounds kind of sexy. I like you.

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You do like a challenge don’t you. Not one thing you have said has led me to believe this is a good person for you. I think you already know this otherwise you wouldn’t be able to point out all the faults, and I’m sure you only scratched the surface here. This person from what I can tell offers nothing in terms of growth for you. If I were you, and I’m not, but if I were I would focus on myself first. This person does not complete you.
ps: I try to word things diplomatically, but if it seems harsh its because I care about you and I have personally seen friends walk a similar path to their downfall.

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My skin is not that thin! And I made my choice… I know he does not complete me. But honestly speaking, I do NOT need a man to complete me. I am in a good shape already and I don’t care if he is dependent on me.

But I really appreciate your concern. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your kind words @anon496642 :pray:t3:

So you want to turn an asshole into a femdom sex slave, and you call this love.

That guy would make a shit submissive.

Join fetlife and learn how to femdom properly, pls.

Then pick a worthy sub. One that actually wants to be a sub.

You’ll be a lot happier.

But hey, everybody knows best, right? Sure, no problem. I don’t argue online, so do what you wanna and tell us how it’s working out for you.



No one is asking for your permission!!!

So keep your BITTER words to yourself!!!

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Go home and be a sweet advising MAMA/WIFEY (whichever suits you!!!) to a pet like a dog or cat!!!

I’m sure you’ll make a good one with your amazing advising skills :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


See @jaysalamone? This is why i say NO when people ask me to do love magick for them. I know you relate - entitled people are a f’in headache to put on your altar


Oops… I pity for those who ever even thought of asking you!!! Lolzz

AND NO ONE ASKED YOU FOR LOVE SPELL. DID YOU READ PROPERLY??? Or do you need a spell on your eyes for that??? Lolllll

Is that your primary source of income???!!!

How about joining some online IT courses to find a second job??!!

Just a friendly advise :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately when you ask on a public forum you’re going to get all sorts of opinions from a wide variety of people. I would just take the advice that you feel resonates with you the most. Of course read everyones opinions, but don’t let stuff get to you girlfriend. I believe you will do the right thing for you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bell7777,

I hope that my post will benefit you and hopefully provide little clarity for your situation. I really feel for you and would like my thoughts to come across as not judgmental, because you came her for help. While only you know whats right for you, here’s some food for thought.

Sounds like your mind is made up I would say.

In my opinion of cursing, strong emotions are involved. So I’d say you loved him to be able to curse him.
I would worry brining someone cursed, back into your life, how will that effect you, if at all?

I’d say you have a decision to make make because I don’t think having both will work.

Yes, the pact will work, but again how will it affect you?

Do you know and trust this person or is it someone selling spells online, I would be careful.

None of these are good traits to have in your life. I would suggest if this is someone you really love, start the healing process for him first. Before you just invite all the problems he comes with back into your life.

Can you clarify a little on that as well or were you just referring to the fact that he has been rude to them? Or is it something more cultural?

@Bell7777 please reacquaint yourself with our forum rules:

Responding with hostility and abuse is not permitted, @emperor was only remarking upon whether soneone you yourself describe as an asshole is likely to become the lover you want.


If you ask others how to kill someone everyone will answer properly but when asked how to get someone back all unwanted advises start, and everyone becomes a psychologist telling you what’s good for u :joy: I would say break the situation in pieces and work on each with magic ! Good luck!


I think for any magick and I mean ANY to work, you need to be 100% committed to the task at hand. There can be no room for doubt and no room for error. There are so many complex levels in each person situations, that if someone reaches out, the least we can do is cause them to think. There can only be two outcome, a yes or a no. Either way our fellow members are either brought to change their mind because they realize that their commitment is wishy washy or they they find the push they needed to complete the task at hand.
I like people to make sure their 100% committed in whatever they choose with-holding my personal judgements since we all walk our own paths. I personally have not found your first statement to be the case here, at lease while I have been online anyway. I really like your second statement though, and agree.

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Lol I’m a newbie here and I’ve already seen “but you don’t really want to kill him” threads. I think the problem is that those get even more heated and deletions happen sooner

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