Demonic orbs

what do succubus or incubus or just in general what do these orb colors mean? I’ve seen black, red, and purple orb colors. i have listened to succubus and incubus videos on YouTube that contain chants, spells, subliminal, etc. and this struck me , and no one seems to have had the answer to this.
my ubi when he came to me had a black orb . .

Orbs have nothing to do with succubi or incubi.

Orbs are said to be spirits, but they can be any spirit, usually Earthbound ones, which I’m not sure but I don’t think succubi/incubi are.

In this case, I would say the color of what you’re seeing is specific to it’s resonance with your energy system. It means what your intuition tells you it means. Typically though you can use the colors f the chakras as a guide: purple means joy and higher thoughts etc.

Aside: Orbs captured on cam are a combination of either dust, water droplets or spirit, it’s a mixed bag and there’s a lot of fakes out there.

You should ask your incubus then.

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Noted .

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