Demonic Magick vs Your Own Magick

Hey folks,
maybe a weird question but I am wondering what is more effective for you.
I find it easier to ask a demon for help but this could be cause I am not trusting my own power yet. Sorry if that was already discussed.I am looking for ur thoughts what feels more effective for you or do you these are only two different kinds. When do you use Demonic Magick and when do you go for ur own? xx Hailie


I find it far easier to rely for the most part on my own power and use spirits largely as a source of knowledge and example in gaining new skills. I do use them to perform tasks though when I need an experienced intelligent mind to help provide oversight, this is usually for longer term projects where fire and forget is not appropriate and servitors might not have the authority to maintain working order. Other times if I feel like using a spirit I will but for the most part everything is largely by my power often the spirits used to just add extra oomph to a work.
The whole thing can be seen as a general with his subordinate officers put to a task or hiring them as employees depending on context.

I recommend you first develop your own power and not work with demons or angels right away. Perhaps start with elemental spirits to get your footing and control over the elemental forces. Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is a prime example of my particular style of technique and approach in areas.


Technically speaking, all force - entities- demons and angels are nothing but part of your mind. Surely you have heard the phrase that ‘’ All entities come from the back of your mind ‘’.

In many eastern school one Imagines that one is a particular deity and when it becomes strong he can wield that deity’s power or differentiate the deity for a moment ( the process of evocation ) and asks it to do some work. It get’s back into his body-mind and on the sub-conscious level does the work, which manifests later on the material plane.

One can use thought forms and send it out into the astral plane and it will materialize. In this case it is not a potent force already existing in one’s higher body/mind , It is something completely new and is only present in the mage’s imagination. If it was a potent force , deity or demon , whatever, then it would have been present in every human/being’s higher body and can be evoked / invoked.

That’s the reason why powerful spirits can manifest to multiple mages at the same time.


I don’t like relying on the power of others. Use them for knowledge, or to see an example of a spell being cast and how it works in practice, but not if I have to have a spirit do the work then obviously I need to put more work into myself.
Crutches are useful, but they’re still meant to be removed when you have grown past them. Use spirits if you’re not confident in a specific area, but always be working towards self-sufficiency.


I agree with much of what has been said, and I’d like to emphasize the “spirits as teachers” point. Human teachers and magickal colleagues are great sources of info and outside perspectives, but the spirits are the ones who can guide and work with you the most directly and effectively.

There’s obviously things like teaching new magickal techniques or theories, which the spirits have revealed to me over time as my practice has become more personalized. Perhaps even more valuable in some respects is that they can teach you to be a better person too, helping you see parts of your self that you may not have otherwise noticed. Feeling like an all-powerful super-magician is certainly a great confidence-booster, but I like to use the power to manifest an excellent mundane life for myself and those around me too.