Demonic Locket

Okay so about 3 or 4 years ago, Azazel had told me he was going to give me a locket. And the following night I did have a dream of a locket that had come to me. I had thought it was going to be an “astral” locket, but 2 days follow and my mother randomly takes me to the jewelry store. There in the first display case was the locket I saw in my dream.
So we bought it. Holding it made my hands tingle. I’ve worn it almost every day since. Sterling silver spinner locket with a diamond on the front. But the way the setting place is carved on the front, it makes it look like a star. He had told me it represented where he came from so that even when he was away I’d still have that little piece of him.
So 4 years later, and for reasons I will not mention, I gave the locket to my boyfriend to hold. When he first grasped it in his hand I got the image of his blood covering the locket.
He tried to put it in his pocket but I just had this feeling like “No he needs to hold it in his palm.” So I grabbed the locket and slapped it back into his hand.
Within 5 or 10 minutes of him holding it… his nose began gushing blood, and it got on Azazel’s locket.
Within 30 minutes to an hour of him keeping it in his pocket he began making trips to the bathroom to puke.

And now I am having dreams of watching him sleep.


I don’t think it’s a good thing. That you saw his blood.

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I agree. I’ve asked Azazel if he doesn’t like him. All he keeps saying is “He doesn’t respect you enough.”

We have free will and you’ll do what you want but if it were me I’d listen to Azazel. I’ve seen Lucifer raise his hands to people, flat out tell me no way no how and give his opinion. But of course it’s my choice. They tend to know a little better than we do and want the best for us :heart:

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It’s definitely not a forever thing. Azazel and I had agreed if I were to ever be married he’d be the one to choose. I dont think this would be the one.

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With all due respect it sounds like it’s time to take out the trash.

If you break it with this person do you plan to mention Azazel as the other lover? :grinning:

All joking aside, I love it. An imbued object that will judge whomever holds it.

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When the moment is right, yes I do plan on telling him about Azazel being my first love. I’ve actually been thinking on this for a good while. I hadn’t put it together with his reaction to the locket.

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