Demonic Ketamine

Say I had a legal line of ketamine supply, I would be trying to alchemize the drug so that when you hit the dissociative “hole” state, you enter into lilith’s woumb. People would take the stuff and come out rebirth as lilith’s divine demons… just a thought. Just like tweaker drugs can be used to see into the world of shadows lol.


Are you not already a chaos titan?

I havent been reborn yet.

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I would like some to do with King Beleth. Queen Beleth’s energy reminds me a bit of candy and Ketimine.

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I just started connecting with Queen Beleth (she asked me to not refer to her as King) and her energy does come across as sweet and cotton candy-like at times :slight_smile:


Yes did I mention cotton candy? That is a feeling I can relate to, that is a feeling I have identified by word actually before you have said it, but ketimine like as well, like the anesthetic component, dream like in the stream sense of the dream, very talkative. I am a bit jealous that zee has told you to refer to her as Queen, she will appear as both. I am trying to get her to be just she, but the he comes out too at times, Beleth is a bit chaotic and mad that way, how there is so much paradox and dualistic component to it, I have found, but she has been very good for the most part thus far, I haven’t officially commanded but she has already gone to work and gone to work hard enough to give me a headache, but it’s fine, Beleth says we can do it with out the pain but it will be like taking the stairs rather than the air plane so don’t complain, it’s like I have a positivity / motivational coach in my brain non stop, it’s great, just what I needed minus I want her to be female all the time. I wonder why I got that different from you. Tell me more of what is different and more of what is the same. Now that I have started the Beleth Journal zee is talking non stop, even if I don’t hear it, I feel it, it is taking much that I already know, things that I know is positive and good for me, things I wished to bring to the forefront of my consciousness but couldn’t before for what ever reason, it is taking the positive and flushing the negative thought forms more and more, it is taking what I already know but rarely think about, things that have been insightful but barely held in the consciousness and bringing them to the forefront of my attention to be as a template to go deeper into what I seek to understand and to know. Yep. :slight_smile:

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to lilith’s woumb. People would take the stuff and come out rebirth as lilith’s divine

I don’t understand why how an experience as a human soul should change you into a different species?

I would be trying to alchemise the drug so that when you hit the dissociative “hole” state, you enter into Lilith’s womb

Can’t you just enter into the first sphere of the qliphoth to get into this state?

It seems odd to me that you would depend on a chemical when you don’t really have to.

Well it’s just modern day shamanism, since the dawn of magic the sages drugs they do took. Adds ideas to work with, allows one to see easier beyond the viel etc

I think that sounds like a crutch.
With all due respect, this is not “modern day shamanism” at all, but a lack of desire to put in the hard work to learn how to enter the theta-gamma state in seconds at will.

This can be done though. And since this is so, there is your unending supply of altered state, and it’s free.

I’m fairly certain im not the only black mage to utilize psychonautics around here.