Demonic Journey

Greetings. I am starting this journal to keep track of my journey.

A few years ago, I was very active on this forum and dabbling into these occult studies and demons. After sometime, due to various circumstances, I decided to put it down, as it was not the time for me to delve into these things.

Earlier this year, King Paimon began coming to me, calling me back to the path, and a few months later, Santa Muerte advised I work with the Demons as well.

So, here I am. I have decided to get back on this path and see where it takes me. I going to start out from a Demonolatry perspective, with the book by S.Connolly to help guide me. Maybe this will work, maybe it won’t. We’ll see in this journal.

When I was very active before, I primarily worked with Lucifer (my posts from back then are still up). This time, I’m going to work with multiple Demons and go as I’m led.

I decided not to start with Lucifer, but with King Paimon since he was the one that called me.

So, follow along with the journey and let’s have fun with it!


Tonight, I casted the circle in the style that S.Connolly has in her book.

After some time settling in, I could feel the balance and the calm.

I changed King Paimon’s enn for awhile and played a video that had some music for him.

After some chanting, I prayed to him. Just talked really.

I felt like I could feel some energy flow, and maybe his presence but it was very subtle. Not really too much to report.

After awhile, I couldn’t stay focused so I closed.


I wish you a stroke of good luck and waiting to hear from you about your successful initiation in this journey, you’ll be done well I have a feeling about that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much!

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Today i attempted invoking King Paimon again.

He appeared in a great white light. Out of the light came the King Paimon in the form of the Dromedary.

He told me a few things that I will keep private, but I will share this:

  1. He told me that I have much shadow work to do and he is here to help me with it.
  2. He told me that the infernal pantheon is what Lucifer has told me (I’ll try to link my post to which he is referring) and that by studying these words I will understand truth and great wisdom.
  3. In the darkness, there is great treasure.
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I have just discovered the pinned Start Here post on the forum.

Looking through it, it looks like it will have a lot that could be helpful in my spiritual and magical practices, so I will work through that as “grimoire” or sorts.

Updates soon.