Demonic help with health(maybe with corona virus?)

About 4 years ago I had a problem with my health in as much as (numb feet every morning 10 minutes massage before standing) and my wife being a nurse said I should see my doctor as I might be diabetic I decided that I would not allow that to overtake me and decided to do a ritual to find out what I can do about the problem so I called upon one of the ancient Gods to help me find the answer.
The next morning when I turned the computer on every other advert that popped up was about distilled water which I knew absolutley nothing about and kept deleting them fortunately they were very persistent because by the afternoon I was getting very pissed off because they kept appearing on the screen when I was trying to work, suddenly I decided to look at one which took me to u tube where there was a video about distilled water and within no time at all the video said that numb feet is a sign of dirty blood and if you drink plenty of distilled water the first thing it does is cleans your blood and (the numb feet disappeared in 4 days)
At that time I did probably 200 hours of research and also came across urine therapy which in various parts of the world has been used for thousands of years and there is a book on u tube called “waters of life” by J W Armstrong this is not a new age bullshit book he was a guy who helped people using urine therapy after the mainstream modern medicines and hospitals failed in their attempts to cure people between 1918 and about 1955
At the beginning of the book he says not word for word but close
“What ever your race colour or religion do you really believe that your creator would have put you on this planet knowing there would be bugs virus and bacteria without a neccessary tool kit with which to repair your self when things go wrong”
Carona virus we are told is a natural virus which is inhabiting various animals in the far east by that admission if that is true then almost certainly urine therapy should be able to kill it .
I am aware that some people will think I am a nutter or will laugh at me but do your own research I would recommend starting with the book mentioned above and the testimonial page on a web site called aquarius the water
Every time I meet someone with severe health problems and I tell them about it I see them shutting down after about 5 seconds but my best friend is still here because of it
The ancient Gods are there to help and they have helped me greatly and in these days of major uncertainy if it helps one person it will be worth it
It won’t suit everyone but whatever happens I wish every one here and their families good health Happy magick