Demonic help for military training & career

Dear BALG,

I want to become a special forces combat operator in the Marine Corps. I have searched for any demons/gods who could help.

I have read that planet Mars is a good one, the planet of war.

Planet Saturn is also good (order & discipline)

Lucifer / King Paimon

  • archangels (Michael etc)

  • any demon who has affinity with the Marine Corps because that’s the branch i’m applying for.

It should be mentioned that I have a great affinity with the sea. I love swimming and diving. I love to be in the wild ocean. A special forces operator is also a combat diver, so maybe a god from the seas is willing to help me and protect me during missions and training.

I am preparing my soul and body for extreme physical hardships and extreme training.

I want war demons to help me on this path.

Any other suggestions?





Also Adakamon from Kingdom of Flames



Do you have more background information about this? Any websites?

I have searched on this forum but not much info is found on Focalor relating to military.

For many examples

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Saturnian Demons are only 3: Leviathan, Azazel and Furcas

I recommend Furcas, his date when most powerful, is now at sabbath of Lughnasad, 2 of August

Ad majorem Satanae Gloriam
Iblis Shaithan


Most spirits with a Mars planetary correspondences will help with that.

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Sartmulu isn’t a war demon, but he’s a martian spirit and specialises in physical fitness.

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Ex infantry here (us army). Just gonna be up front , don’t know if you’re looking for protection or help with the selection process. If you’re doubting the job is for you or that you won’t pass all on your own then don’t even try. What they’re looking for during selection can’t be taught. It comes from within. You either have it in you or you don’t. I’ve spoken to a lot of 75th ranger guys and a special forces ( green beret) guy or two during my time in the army. Just a warning.

And also , not an attack but marine corps doesn’t have special forces , it has spec ops , force recon for ex. Special forces refers strictly too the green berets in the army. Just letting you know so your drill sergeant doesn’t kick your ass when you say you want to be “ special forces”. :yum:. Good luck dude.



I just want help with the selection process for my ears. I have a little ear damage and maybe it will be detected during medical screening in the military hospital…

I don’t want physical or mental help because I know I have to do this myself. No one can actually help me, it’s all mental.

I forgot to mention that i’m not a US citizen. I am dutch and we have the Royal Marines just like the UK has the Royal Marines Commandos. They are elite infantry troops with special forces departments.

SBS (Special Boat Service) frogmen, combat divers just like the US Navy SEALS etc etc
ML (Mountain Leaders)
Counter terrorism squads they are all Special Forces but selected from the regular infantry marine combat groups…

If you are a marine you can attempt the special forces selection and you will get crushing PT sessions with long brutal marches carrying 100-130 pounds of weight.

UK Royal Marines:

Royal Netherlands Marine Corps:

The UK and the Netherlands share a long history together and we are allies. The United States Marine Corps is also a close friend and we always have combat training in the US.

I was in marine bootcamp 6 years ago and I got injured and I had to leave. Now I want to go back to test myself. And I want to go through the special forces selection training.

I don’t know if the entities mentioned in this thread can even help me lol. I know I am on my own.

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Moloch !