Demonic Firewall

So, I stated in my last post that having tool’s, circles and other assorted goodies is not an option for me in my current situation but I do have Tarot and some charged stones which has got me in the dog house but here’s my question/statement. I don’t like people disrespecting, touching or in anyway giving me their 2 cents on what little I do have so, Any suggestions for putting a “Demonic Firewall” on my belongings designed to cause instant horrific long lasting regret on the part of any idiotic talking monkey who would opt to try to cross that line?

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hahahahahahaha yes i do sir as i have been there many many times when i was younger not being alowed to practice or people being downright ignorant here is a personal blessing/curse that you can easily apply to anything you own just say it with reverence love and give it your power:
May the Light Blind you
as i kill you
Chaos shall it be
THIS MAY AT FACE VALUE SEEM SIMPLE AND stupid it very much is but it gets the point across, you know the anger you feel? when you cant do what you feel led to do like others are saying No you can’t be you! you have to be who we want you to be? well this is where i was emotionally when i created this little dandy. Read the words to yourself feel the emotions they describe .
may the Light Blind you: everyone thinks they know the truth and the only truth this is the light so you are giving them their own medicine
As i kill you now your NOT gonna lay a hand on em or murder or anything stupid and juvenile instead your gonna give their fear life into a form of curse creature that they themselves empower through their fear and ignorance
Division within thee my favortite part you are saying there is a difference between them and you and that division they created and in so doing they wont be able to defend against your defensive magick
chaos shall it be You are saying that their fate is tied to your will
Now smile thats more for you its a sinister feeling like oh yea baby you done fucked up
Blessed be why not charge your spell with a blessing that you yourself have put into action after all YOU want it to work for you not against you.
I sincerely hope this helps you

Google Psionic Warfare pdf. Create a black energy field to prevent others from getting any ideas.

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Hey Thanks… I will post any “changes” I see occurring.

Will do, Thanks

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