Demonic Familiar

How do I obtain a demonic familiar?

You make a very good alliance with a demon who feels motivated enough to invest energy in you and offer you one of their court as a helper.

They may do this because they don’t want to handle low-level functions, or because they want to send you a being who specialises in one area, or maybe they want to get on your good side.

That’s been my experience anyway.

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I’ll admit that I’m still a novice magician. What’s the best way to contact a demon and show it that I’m good enough for him to invest energy in?

You could start by opening sigils, or any of the stuff listed in the Member Resources thread, which has a ton of links to newsletter tutorials on things like opening sigils, attaining Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS), etc.

What’s your goal?

That will probably dictate the best place to start.

My goal is to have a protector and teacher. A protector because my life has been threatened more than once and tend to be at risk of conflict from time to time. A teacher because I used to be a Christian and had a very wise sage like mentor to teach me the bible and living a Christian life. I left the Christian church and feel comfortable like I belong immersed in darkness and long to become the darkness myself. I feel like darkness itself is my soulmate. I have since developed a strong hatred for christianity. All I want to do is continue my spiritual ascent while being protected from conflict (has been life thretening at times) I tend to find myself in from time to time.

This makes me think Belial might be the one to approach, obviously do (and ideally also have done for you) some divination on this, he’s not Santa with horns and some people might not benefit from working with him.

But your rejection of that former faith is something that might appeal to him, since you thought for yourself and cast off the safety it claims to provide, and your evident desire to expand into your own power, that’s also something he might be interested in.

But get a reading done, or at least do your own, here’s one tool where you don’t even need overt psychic skills: The Book Of Fate.

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Hi Lady_Eva

Do you have another link?

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