Demonic experiences, what's happening?

I’ve had a lot more run in’s with the demons then what I’m putting here but here it goes. Their was this one time I was asleep
on the living room couch , and I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. I didn’t know why at the time , but I felt like I had to call for help even though i didn’t feel immediately threatened. I asked Jehovah for help, the second I got the urge to. An suddenly it was like my third eye opened.(I would describe it as being hyper aware of reality) Standing next to the couch was a dark entity. It started to dissolve away. It felt as if I was a piece of gum that was being stretched apart. Me at one end and the entity at the other end. we didn’t feel too different from each other, it was like a piece of me was being taken away. When the finally connection broke off , and it was gone completely. I gasped for air as if I the air I was breathing didn’t have any oxygen in it. Another experience long before this happened(which I think is relevant the the one above). There was one time where i looked into a mirror and the look I had in my eyes wasn’t me. It was as if I had taken a back seat and something else was at the wheel, and it was starring at its self. I was in horror of what I was seeing thinking I was in control of myself. It wasn’t like I felt obviously possessed or I was foam at the mouth. Another experience to add on top of that is that… I won’t say what I told the demon that was oppressing me but…I got its attention. It responded by giving a weird hesitant vibe I don’t know how to describe other then by saying it was complex. So I decided to ask it it’s name… At the time I’ve never heard this name before , but I heard a faint whisper say “astaroth.” Which at the time I thought It was something I must have picked up from some sci if movie or video game (sound like something I’d hear on elders scrolls). I’ve never dabbled in any white or black magic before (sadly) , but I’m wondering why stuff like this happens to me. The cool thing about y’all’s gods is that they don’t bullshit around, they look after y’all, and their clear with how their taken you in your development. I’ve heavily considered doing what y’all do but I can’t. It goes against the kind of person I am. I’m kind of like a right handed path person who had enough of the bullshit of it.It’s up to me to save my own dam self. These sheeple in the world who cry for his help need to assume full spiritual responsibility and control of there dam selves, and not expect god or Jesus to do it for them.

… You should smack your phone for making you sound this stupid

@ Seth, I fixed it. I didn’t bother to reread it before hand when I posted it. I just wanted it off my chest and done with.