Demonic Evocation Walk Through

Preparatory Immersion.

The first major step in evocation is preparatorial immersion, what does this mean in a practical sense. Well you have the demon in mind that you want to summon, so read about the demon.

I don’t only mean a simple description in the goetia, for example let’s say you choose Lucifuge Rofocale. You’ll have to understand a lot about the entity before continuing.

Research into the entities nature, what his office is. The titles of the spirit and meaning behind the name. Element associated with the particular demon, including planetary associations.

So Lucifuge Rofocale has many titles, like Bringer of the night, Lord of pacts, Lord of excess, Scribe of the underworld etc. The element connected with this particular demon is water, he manifests in the west and has Saturnian planetary associations.

Read various texts like the Grand Grimoire, Goetia, etc. As much material you can gain on the demon itself, look into the experience others have had with the demon in the past.

Everyone’s experience might differ, as everyone’s perception is completely to other not all the time but sometimes this is the case.

Read the stories, folklore, legends, myths and lore about the entity. I like to do this to a degree of placing myself in the myth, to gain a deeper understanding of the demon in question.

Research various seals, sigils and symbols associated with the demon.
Look up many chants, enns and prayers are there of the demon. I’d then suggest combining the chants and add you’re own little twist to the conjurations to be used.

Substantial Contact.

Best way to begin contacting the demon before fully evoking them is through sigil work.

I would suggest putting as much effort into crafting the sigil as much as possible.
What I like to do is draw the demons sigil on parchment, wood, metals or paper.

Sigil Work.

Once done I won’t only draw it.
I’ll recite the enn of the entity feeling it’s energies enter the room. I’ll then inhale deeply pulling the energies into my being.

I’ll exhale funneling the demons energy and essence into the ink of the pen and then I’ll keep repeating this. Until the demons energies in the pen has reached a critical mass and begins pulsating.

Inhale deeply then begin pushing the demons energy out of the pen and begin tracing the sigil.
What this is doing is imbuing the ink lines with the energy of the demon.

Keep doing this until the sigil is drawn, now I suggest two great potent ways to empower the sigil.

  1. Fumigation Process - This is done by finding various incenses, which are attributed to that particular demon. You can also use incenses which connect to the demons particular planet and/or element. Combine a few incenses and light them gazing at the smoke rising.

Find a way to dangle the sigil in the air over the smoke and place you’re hands into a prayer mudra pointing towards the smoke and vibrating the name of the demon.

The energy and essence of the demon will awaken in the smoke and will rise on the sigil.
Allow the incense to completely cover and smother the sigil.

  1. Anointing The Sigil - Again gain various oils connected with the demon, I like to consecrate my oils with prayers to the entity over the oils.
    Then anoint the sigil with the oil.

  2. Fumigation and Anointing - Sometimes more is better I’ll begin by placing consecrated oil on the sigil. Whilst allowing the oil to dry during the fumigation process.

Now the sigil is ready and prepared, i’ll set out a chair to sit on comfortably. I’ll place the chair inside my universal circle.

I’ll place the sigil upright at eye level on a table or my personal altar. I’ll light two candles on either side of the sigil, using two colours which represent the demon.

I’ll light some of its incense and declare first that I light the incense as a offering for the demon, as a token of my gratitude for the presence which will be soon underway.

I’ll then light the incense, I’ll gaze at the sigil and begin opening it, allowing myself to fall deeper into the other worlds and myself.

Once the sigil is open, I’ll recite the enn of the demon over and over. I’ll also incorporate chants of the demon for example Lucifer - Ram Ham Satalos … Belial - Itz Ra Cha Belial … Azazel - Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel etc.

Once the sigil is opened I’ll ask questions to the demon. For example “What’s you’re name ?” that is a formality itself. I’d also ask if I were to summon the demon are there any secret tongues or chants I could use to maximise the result of the evocation.

I’ll then just ask some personal questions afterwards. Once done I’d move onto the second day of contact the demon using a subtle approach.

For the following days coming up to the evocation.

During the few days coming up to the ritual of evocation of the demon. I’d suggest invoking the demons energy, to prepare yourself.
I’d also play chants or enn recitations over meditation music and meditate either on the Symbol/Sigil/vessel of the demon.

I’ll also even do prayers and soul travelling with the entity. Depending on the demon sometimes they have specifics for the immersion process, for example vibration of the name of their sphere.

Spiritual baths with their herbs for nine days leading up to the ritual to make you’re body the perfect gateway for facilitating their coming.

Rituals like the mirror gate, darkness communion and blind sight are brilliant rituals for leading up to the night of the evocation.

Preparing The Tools.

Prepare the tools for the evocation, offerings, certain coloured candles.
Gems associated with the demon to create a astral matrix upon the altar to magnify their presence.

Oils, Lancets, Charcoal disk etc.
Once tools are obtained consecrate each tool to the demon. Extra curricular preparation too for example the elixir of manifestion.

Preparing The Temple Area.

Cleansing - Physically and energetically cleaning the temple is important I’ll actually do both at the same time. I’ll use a bucket of sea salt and fresh water, I’ll also add some oil into the water too.

Once done I’ll place my middle and index finger into the water, I’ll call on cleansing energies with meditation and visualisation, I’ll then funnel that cleansing light into the bucket.

I’ll then use something like a mop and sponge and as I’m physically cleaning the area I’ll recite.

“Ashtu Malku tadat arkata,
Sastus seckz altamu partu,
Iretempal krez ta felta
Vaskalla regent met senturus,
Ta Sastrus esto melta
Kelta, Kelta, Kelta, Hine”.

I’ll keep reciting and cleaning, until I feel the physical dirt and astral residue been cleansed.
I also like to light some sage then and allow the combination of the energy of the smoke and the energy of the water to combine.

Once the temple is cleansed and purified, then I’ll end the cleansing process with a exorcism of the area.

Ritual Set-Up.

I’ll place out my circle in the centre of the room, I’ll place three red candles in between the Nabataean script of the circle.

I’ll then place four black pillar candles in the cardinal directions outside of the circle.
I’ll then place three charcoal disk on a censor into a triangle.

In the cardinal direction of the demon, I’ll light the disks and place the chunks of resin on it.
I’ll bring into the circle with me my journal and pen, the athame/ritual sword and the sigil.

I’ll then begin by reciting the summoning of all magickal powers whilst performing circumambulation counterclockwise.

Opening the circle conjuring the forces of magick in the area. I’ll do this about nine times, I’ll then begin kneeling or sitting in the circle.

I’ll begin with a invocation of the demon.
Next I’ll open the sigil and begin the incantation of calling forth the demon in the area and connecting with the demon.

Next I’ll gaze into the smoke to the incense, reciting the enn, chants, conjurations and mantras for the demon.

I’ll allow myself to drop deeper and deeper, I’ll offer blood onto the sigil.
I’ll begin structuring inside the smoke and push power towards the structure.

The demon will then enter and rise fully into the structure into the smoke.
Once the demon is fully manifested, then the evocation process has started.

Once questions and tasks are done and set.
I’ll dismiss the demon, do an banishing and exorcism of the area.

This for those who asked what my normal basic evocation, process is and here you go.



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The concept of preparatory immersion is a common known thing …

It’s one of the main principles of not just evocation, but any magickal system.


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