Demonic Evocation vs Demonic Sigil Magick


Which do you feel is more effective and/or advantageous and why? Experiences and results with each any different?
I have a feeling the majority will say evocation, however from my limited and basic understanding, isnt the presence of the entity still there with sigil magick nonetheless?
Is there a results based difference with evocation compared to sigil magick?

Pretty new to this forum as well as EA’s work and i must say, absolutely fascinating. Thank you all very much for the knowledge here, soaking it all up like a sponge!


Evocation will bring a faster result and the results will be more powerful.

However whatever powers are called upon will bring to effect the desire you crave, whether it be through sigil magick or evocation.

Also, sigil magick is a lot less hassle and requires little time, 5 to 10 mins max if done correctly.


I’d also advise to work with the sigil of a demon before evoking it so you can get a feel for its energy.