Demonic equivalent of watchtowers plus demonic godnames

So I’ve been not adding any new posts due to so deep soul searching and reevaluating my spiritual beliefs do to so personal growth caused of resonating with so recent posts by @C.Kendall, and V.K.Jehannum with eventually look for new ways to balance the ritual of the watchtowers that lead my to a post by “nytek” at the fool speaks called “Demonic Enochian Watchtower System” then I search for his source a book call " Ordines Descendens it many long hours to find it in pdf but it was so worth the effort the info give a good foundation to create a workable System for demonic and angelic empowerment as well as very potent words of power and godnames for angels and demons. so in case anyone is interested this I decided to share link " " also before I forget this link was provided to me by r/alexandria at


“Outside in the cold distance…a wildcat did growl. TWO RIDERS were approaching, and the WIND began to howl.” - by, You Know, what’s his name, again…not Hendrix…but he got it, too.

Perhaps the watchers ARE their own demon equivalent. Perhaps they got sick of what they were “watching.” We can call ourselves by the names we choose. Fuckers ruined “Yaweh” for me. Lol

Ye fup yahweh imo. The watchers are real. I believe the watchtowers are allegorical. Many contrcuts in texts are allegorically describing the meridian system.

You have 2 chakra ‘towers’ to each side of your kundalini. The top is at the shoulder the base is on the hip. This is what i believe to be the watchtowers

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