Demonic energy

So unlike my previous posts this is an explanation first and then a question. The demonic energy field (if you can see it) is blue. I have been seeing this since I was little and found out that some of my friends are really demons or demon spawn. anyone else with this experience?


I have not. I rarely can see an aura in general.

As far as everything I have ever read about the aura goes, blue has absolutely nothing to do with demonic energy whatsoever. Everybody has blue in their aura at some point. It’s pretty common. I very much doubt your friends are either demons or demon spawn because of blue in their aura.

Where did you get the idea that demonic energy is blue?


I know that the JoS people believe that demonic energy is blue. Perhaps that’s where he/she got the idea from. From reading that site.


Interesting. Thanks. JOS is pretty wacky.


Oh yes, it is.


okay I may have mistaken it my bad

so…does anyone know how to see demonic energy and how to translate their knowledge of so…???

Pretty awesome

I can see energy…the so called “smoky wisps” of waves in the field…

I can only see the initial auric field and have yet to advance from their bc I am so distracted and all over the fucking place regardless in my studies of the arts…discipline/focus not my forte

back to point…seeing daemons, yes.


seeing energy by the eye exercises…you know…you refocus your eye and back to a midpoint and redirection ----that kind of way you “side look” from your peripheral…well, that’s how I see the energy

now if this is the proper way or not, I don’t know…everything I learn is from opening up myself and it feels like re-learning it…cannot explain. I do shit ass backwards…I figure something out, then research it, and then practice

probably not the smartest way or fastest…but whatever calls to me comes when I felt like I was meant to learn it…or rather re-learn

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She. im a SHe