Demonic doorways

How to open demonic doorway inside our own psyche without using drugs?


What .-.

Who said drugs were needed?


Use a mirror and visualizations

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I am honestly confused as to the question though. Mind elaborating?

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Deep contemplation is one way.
Most sorcerers enjoy “excited state” magic. There’s a lot to be said for dramatic ritual that breaks down a person’s social programming and sends them flying face first into theta gamma sync, but I’ve come to appreciate the “heavy daydream” state used by seers and philosophers. It’s easy to disregard this state of mind when compared to the visceral shock of evocation, but I get results from it.

What is the psyche?

Ponder that question until you have an answer that is very difficult to express in words. You should get to a point where you can “taste” the concept. Visualize the concept as the very center of creation and see what other concepts feed into and out of it. Ponder the difference between the target concept (psyche) and a close concept (conciousness, or identity). You’re doing it right if it gets harder to explain the target concept. Having information about wavelengths and the human eye is called knowledge. To see the color blue is wisdom, and explaining that wisdom is difficult or impossible.

Anyhow, repeat the process with the other concepts involved in your operation.

What is a demon?
What is a doorway?

What does it truly mean to open a demonic doorway into your psyche?

The better sense you have of the concepts involved, the easier time you will have completing the operation, especially in a case like this. Some deep philosophical contemplation is like an upgrade for your astral lecture hall. That’s where the demons go when they are trying to teach us.