Demonic Devotions?

Hey everyone! So my constantly evolving spiritual path lead me here, and I’m loving it! I feel called to write some Demonic/Dark devotions for myself because they always help me feel closer to the spirit I’m working with. Do any of you utilize devotions for this?

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Will you explain what you mean by devotion I’m trying to work with these powerful entities right now? All appreciated.


Tru im npt demolatror or whatever. Its a chick Stephanie Connolly who has tat thing. Her stile is demonolator, take a look in her books, but here u can findar altars enns, etc even enns of demons.

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@zorrito I really like her style and hadn’t heard of Demonolatry before her. She had some really nice prayers outlined that I would like to use.

I was just thinking more along the lines of journal prompt devotions, poems or meditations that invite the practitioner to honor and contemplate a Demon, Entity, Element, or aspect of self.
Whatever I end up writing I will share as I progress on this path!

Ok so u knw her, her books then try ema gary shes a ecletic witch. Devoticion etc. But only demons,? Its godes such hecate Egyptian but i get it. U ever try v. K. Jehanun chants hes something similar, good chants etc…

I will def check out Ema Gary, thank you! I have worked with Hecate for some years, but much of it just my own work with her for personal healing haha. I love working with deities and am most familiar with Greco-Roman. I just already have my own devotions for deities/entities I’ve worked with outside of any demonic work. VK Jehannum is awesome! I have been all over their website this week, and really love the hymns they’ve written.

Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I’ve been going through tons of posts on here and trying to do my due research, but I’ll always take more suggestions or sources.

Try lady tyrech.fortuna.and pecunnia great spirts tey arey good. Good night.