Demonic dedication

So I was wondering, is there a way I dedicate my self to another demon without angering my current demon? My first dedication ritual was to Azazel, but I believe I could do better with Ronove or Baal, but i don’t want to anger Azazel because I know he could kill me if he wanted to. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Your best bet is to dedicate yourself to your own godform. Demons are there to teach you how to better yourself. If you want to know what Azazel thinks about it ask him. Cheers!


This is the reason why I suggest being very careful about what oaths you make, and be very certain that you will be able to follow through.


Why did you think you needed to dedicate to anyone to begin with? Admittedly certain paths or organizations or what have you, require it. But imo any contract between yourself and an entity should be out of mutual respect. Dedicating yourself to them for their cause? You don’t know what that entails. I agree with @AdamThoth, dedicate yourself to your own godform.


I meant to dedicate myself to Azazel but still have another demon to work with