Demonic Children -Discussion of Possibilities

What are your thoughts and theories on demonic children? Do they exist or just another christian concept? By demonic children, I am not referring to children who supposedly become possessed by spirits and become little terrors on society, and their parents no less, LOL. I’m sure the first thing that came to mind just now may have been Damien from the Omen movies or perhaps even the Nephilim, but what I mean is can a demon and a human really produce a child together?

I have been researching this subject for quite some time now and have no doubt unravelled some very interesting theories as well as some rather disturbing religious theories too. In particular, I stumbled onto a blog with a large section that was devoted to demonic children and possession and the author was obviously relgious but being a religious man, his opinions were most exclusively based on christian perceptions of demons and how they act, the people who believe demons have a hidden agenda to pervert man and lead him astray from christ. I will post a link to that blog and the last article I was reading at the bottom of this topic so as not to distract anyone in the middle of this topic.

I decided to challenge his opinions and write my own articles on this subject from a non-religious point of view, so if anyone can contribute some really good content to this topic as well as links to any helpful websites or articles of your own findings, I may send you a PM and ask to quote you in my blog with full credit given to you for what you contribute to the blog. I will work out the details with you first, of how you wish to be cited before I post anything.

I know that demons do not possess a physical body of their own, they are made of a similar spiritual energy that makes up the human soul, only more powerful. I know, if you love the occult you have seen at least one movie or tv show in your lifetime that portrays a young woman and a man, the man becomes possessed by a demon and attempts to impregnate the woman with a chosen child of evil, usually a little boy that will be born and become the anti-christ from the unholy union of the human and the demon, or the devil himself attempts to produce the child with the woman assuming that the anti-christ has to be born of flesh and blood to assume his reign instead of the opinion that others hold, that he must be an adult male and must actually become possessed by Satan himself to be the anti-christ. Usually the movie has a Satanic orientation for the reason in doing this, some combination of what I mentioned above but what’s to say for sure that this is not possible?

Back up for a second, erase all of the Satanic cult anti-christ impregnating a woman on an altar with an inverted pentagram BS from what I just said. This post actually has nothing to do with that nonsense.

Let’s say a male demon and a human female have become close to one another, maybe thru a pact of some sort such as a union in a spiritual marriage. Obviously, the demon would have no reason to reproduce so the desires to mate are absent from him, but he knows that his female human companion does have these desires because of her genetic make up. In order to make his human wife happy, let’s say the demon agrees to possess the body of a male human so they can experience physical love together in a way that feels more natural and realistic to the human, or maybe the demon simply chooses to possess the human male to spend some time in our world with the women inside of a body that would allow him to be physically seen as flesh embodied, and would allow him to more closely interact with the female.

Maybe the woman had a really hard event coming up, something she needed the demon to help her with and decided she would feel more safe if the demon were to take on the form of a human male manifested in the flesh in her realm, instead of getting his help from beyond the veils so to speak. Of course, the male whose body is taken over would have to consent to such a thing before hand, so maybe the guy is a friend of the woman who is also a magician or maybe he is her human partner in this plane? Regardless of how the male body is obtained, let’s say the woman and the demon while embodied in the flesh of a human male decide to become passionate with one another.

If the passionate endeavors lead as far as the human male coming to completion during the “act” (trying not to be overly graphic here) and the woman becomes pregnant, is it plausible to say that the child who is born from this act of lust and compassion is also the demon’s child? Think of it this way, the demon has no physical body and so he would not possess sperm as he has no need to reproduce like we do so technically the sperm that fertilized the egg was not the demon’s but demons leave an energy imprint on everything they touch and everything they come near. You know, the reason why many magicians cleanse their magickal working spaces after an evocation so the energy of the previous entity does not clash with the energy of the next entity to be called upon, especially if the magician is working with the entity for baneful purposes.

Knowing this, that would also mean that while the demon is inside of the male human, his energy would also become imprinted into the man’s body as the two separate beings become one, which would include the man’s uh…fluids LOL. So if the energy of the demon is present when the act of conception occurs is it possible that the energy of the demon (present in the man’s fluids) was then transferred into the body of the female, allowing the two energies to fuse inside of the female while implantation was taking place? Now, if this would be plausible to you, would you not agree that would technically make the child that is born belong, in part, to the demon as well. That the child would technically be the demon’s son or daughter too.

I do not mean that child is his thru DNA, as it was not the demon’s DNA that helped produce the child, as demons have no bodies so no verifiable DNA either, but would not the child be his in a spiritual sense?

Let’s say the same scenario occurs but this time, it’s a human male that wishes to become sexual with a female demon who takes over the body of a consenting human female. If they too engage in the “call of duty” not the video game, and the woman becomes pregnant, would the same concepts exist for that pair as well?

Or what if two magicians, one male and one female, both agree to invoke a demon into their bodies at the same time and as usual, they end up producing a baby together, still the same concept right? But in this case would it make that child different in some way because both biological parents of the child were FUI (fucking under the influence of demons). If two demonic entities were present at the time of conception, could the child possibly be born more in tuned to the universe? Like one of those children you see for example, who is only 8 years old but seems to have the intelligence of a 20 year old, the maturity of a 35 year old, and is wise and understanding beyond their years. The children who also seem to be very intuitive, divination and interaction with spirits come so easily to these children it’s almost natural as if by birth.

I guess, the type of children that many new agers would instead refer to as Indigo or Crystal children. That’s not what I am referring to, but if you start searching for information on children like this the results usually come back with websites operated by new age psychics for indigo children so I thought the indigo children reference would be a good one to use for comparison purposes. What are your thoughts on this? This is not a fluffy bunny post I am dead serious here and posting from a curious perspective as I believe this is a subject that 95% of the time is only addressed by those who are religious and it needs to be discussed from the perspectives of real magicians without fluffy bunny-ish views. I think the subject is widely untouched by magicians for fear of being labeled a nutty kook.

But I don’t care if you all think I am a nutty kook after reading this post because I know I’m not. This topic may seem silly, but I love bringing up subjects that really get people thinking about the way things really work or could possibly work. Your thoughts?

Oops’ forgot to post that link. Here is the blog I was talking about from the christian guy.

His perspectives on demons possessing children. It’s sort of related to the topic at hand so I thought you may find this interesting and stupid.

Well, the pact that I’m in with a spirit that’s basically a marriage, at the start of that I asked him if he’d want to kind of “inhabit” a (human) father and have a child with me, and he said definitely no, but there’s a lot more going on with that which I just don’t share - suffice to say it’s an area I looked into. I believe that it’s possible.

Then, because I had always kind of intended to have a spirit Child (not a human baby in other words) with a spirit, I did that last year, and he’s a great ally and again, there’s a lot I don’t share but that was well worth the difficulties to see it through.

As for having a human child with a spirit, that’s one of those areas I think is absolutely possible, I just happened not to go there because my spirit husband didn’t choose to and then the spirit I did get “pregnant” by, we both wanted that Child to be a spirit and not embodied. I don’t know if you saw it, but I blogged that full sequence of events here last year:




Because of “reasons” I’ve not yet released the Child’s grimoire, but he’s been very active in the world and a number of other people have also successfully evoked him, and got either a result or some useful info, so I’m as sure as one can be that this wasn’t all just some kind of weird mental thing.

Because of that, I absolutely believe it would be possible for the human to provide the kind of physical template, whilst the demon (or other spirit) provides the soul, or at least a portion of it, leading to an incarnated human body with a fully- or partially demonic/non-human soul.

I also believe such a thing has already happened, based on what I’ve been told, many times in the past - for example that certain beings we consider to be gods have genetically or energetically interfered with base primate DNA to create humans. It’s a controversial topic and in addition, I believe sometimes individual gods will parent an individual human for their own reasons…

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Thanks Lady Eva, I am going to read your posts right now. I think I saw you mention your experiences once, but I was not here last year so I have not yet seen your posts on this.

Yeah, I haven’t updated on it recently because he’s out in the world doing his thing and I won’t post his specific details unless/until he asks, but it did boost ALL my levels of contact with “demonic” beings and has been very helpful.

It also changed my scrying abilities, I’m not saying to make them infallible but it’s like some essence of demonic permeated my own blood while I was hosting the spirit, I definitely felt different afterwards in a way that’s lasted, different to most invocations.

Those threads are pretty long, and you absolutely have the right to decide I’m just one batfuck crazy chica by the way! ;o)

I came across this and wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience to me.
When I was a teenager and formed a very strong bond with a Spirit. I won’t give the particulars, but he was my best friend and I shared my life with him like partner.
Anyway, when I reached around 26 years old I was in a relationship, when the spirit, I was also ‘with’ wanted to incarnate, and take on a body.
He kept putting pressure on me to leave my present mate (who was unsuitable as a father) and to find the suitable person so that he could incarnate.

He gave me a whole pep talk before hand explaining the requirements of our changed relationship and said it would be very difficult and we would fight a lot. I told him I could never fight with him and I would love him to the bitter end. But he insisted our relationship would take its toll on me but in the end it would work out.

I fell preganat 6 months later and then my hell started! My son was a sickly baby, and a very hyper active child. 9 years on and I can say that he’s aged me. But I still love him more than anything in existance.

Has anyone ever had that happen? Had children who were their spirit partners? And what have your experiences been?

The astral body is the blueprint for the physical, so a “human” astral body can be fused with that of a spiritual entity or thought-form, which will result in hybridization - literally a new being comprised of old reconstituted parts. Check out the Thoth deck’s ART card. I will NOT discuss the mechanics of this as there are people in this world who engage in brutal, cruel activities to achieve it.

Since the only necessity for hybridization is astral fusion, there is no need for consensual or forced possession of any already living human person, neither the sexual partner nor the child. A female witch sufficiently advanced should not technically require a male to become pregnant. (I’m not explaining that one either. Sorry, but I have Standing Agreements.)

Fusion is an extremely traumatic experience that is literally the death of one person and development of another. It is an extremely cruel thing to inflict on a living person without preparation and understanding. If you don’t do it right, the process drags on for years and gets really ugly.

Since i’m in succubi relationships maybe i can shed some light on this.Its my belief that spirits don’t necessarily need a physical body for pro creation but the energy release during intimacy is what can create spirit children and vise versa with women and their spirit partners.I suspect i have at least one spirit child but don’t know as of yet.

[quote=“Sultitan_Itan, post:7, topic:5865”]The astral body is the blueprint for the physical, so a “human” astral body can be fused with that of a spiritual entity or thought-form, which will result in hybridization - literally a new being comprised of old reconstituted parts.

… Fusion is an extremely traumatic experience that is literally the death of one person and development of another.[/quote]

I’m not sure if we’re talking about exactly the same thing here, but this is what I’m attempting through my theogenesis work - specifically, the “LHP yoga” postures (for want of a better word) combined with other stuff, in this case a thought-form rather than a pre-existing being.

I drew that from actual yoga mudras, NLP, Flower’s “9 Doors Of Midgard” and a ton of other stuff.

Even though it’s my goal, it’s totally accurate to say that it’s an “extremely traumatic experience” - or as English perople call it, a total headfuck. :slight_smile:

My Child was a different kind of exercise, albeit to the same ultimate endgame. His conception took some of me and some of his “father” and blended them to create himself, and also to alter us.

The fertilization process seems different from human male and female.

I have a child with one of my wives and that process was extensive, to say the least. For me, it was just like “normal” intercourse in the beginning. But the more we reached climax, it shifted to the more solid, darker energy. Tools were used, that resemblanced insemination tools. There was something connected to my genital area, a “pump” of sorts and something connected to my “balls”. According to my wife, the insemination process included other females of her kind aswell and not just her.

I felt my child several times, but he’s often in his realm.