Demonic attraction

Anyone been in this situation…being highly attracted to a certain demon? Should one tell the demon, and most of all how would the demon react?

In terms of demons and human beings, how do demons perceive us humans?

Usually, when you’re attracted to a certain demon it means the demons is calling out to you. It means he chose you. I had the same situation and the demon that attracted me for no reason became my constant companion. A powerful demon as well, I might add.

Demons don’t have human feelings. But they can attach themselves to humans quite strongly.

I should have been more clear - I meant sexually attracted. - The ‘other’ kind of attraction has been there for about a year and a half.

It is quite possible to feel such and you just have to embrace it.

Yup I have heard of that happening before.
Poke Runyon (Or however you spell his name) wrote an account where he evoked Astoroth/Astarte and was very sexually attracted to her.

All of my workings with Hecate have been incredibly sexually charged. As for how they perceive us, well I am not sure. I have been talking to Her and I am starting to see how She views me (in terms of everything not just sex). I guess you could ask them, but you would really have to trust them to give you a straight answer (I felt like I was back in my awkward Jr. High phase when I brought it up with Her). Good luck.

Hecate is a sexual creature. Many others like the energy brought with sexual activities as well but the experience with Hecate is quite Unique.