(Demoness?) Seen in a Dream

This occured to me about an hour ago. If anyone can give some insight as to who this was, I would greatly appreciate it.

This morning I performed a minor ritual to Lucifer and drew his sigil (I added some of my blood as well.) I put the sigil under my pillow as I usually get contacted through dreams. Just as I was falling asleep, a voice told me to “bring myself to them.” I placed my hand over the sigil and felt it’s energy as well as a low frequency hum in my right ear.

This is where I would like some insight: part of my dream was complete darkness. I heard many voices and phrases (most of which I do not remember.) I saw blurred fragments of what looked like red sigils and other flashing imagery. Then I saw a woman. She appeared with her eyes first and strongly resembled me. She then took her form (though I could only see her face.) She had straight, brown hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. She spoke in a very clear, commanding feminine voice and said:

“Show yourself to me.”
“Know your true form.”
“See your true power.”

I then ‘woke up’, though it was a false awakening (I was still dreaming.) When I really woke up, I heard two hard taps on the wall behind me when I was reflecting on the experience.

Can anyone provide their views on what this might mean? Does anyone know who the woman in the dream was? (Might I add that I am new to demonolatry).

Thank you in advance.


Could you detail more the face characteristics of that woman that appeared to you in the dream

Yeah, it happened in the past to me frequently to have “false awakenings” in the dreams or before or after the dream ended/started to hear voices/see visions/hallucinations with my eyes open or in my 3rd eye, etc.

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Ah sorry for not seeing that sooner. I have posted to the forum. Thank you for your patience with me.

Her face was tinted red and the light source appeared to come from below her, fire maybe? Her eyebrows were thin and relatively straight. Her eyes were round and soft in nature, but were strained in seriousness while speaking to me. She had a round heart shaped face and lips that were more wide than plump.

When she first appeared, her eyes mirrored mine. It was almost like staring at myself before the fire/light illuminated the rest of her face and she took her form.

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Closest thing I can think of is the Japanese suicide drawing. Her facial structure was a lot more womanly and less than that of a young girl. As I’ve mentioned, she had a serious and powerful facial expression, as opposed to a soft smile here.


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Update: Figured out how to edit the picture. This is pretty damn close to how I saw her.

Yeah, some low level entities like to mirror you and give you the illusion that they are you or something just to fuck with your mind (a friend of mine was also telling me that a phantasm took his whole appearance and was appearing in front of his eyes just to fuck with his mind) . That happened to me twice in a dream, I think, but I was morphing my entire charachteristics to the characteristics of that entity or whatever it was and that entity was also morphing into me and was looking deep into my eyes. The name of that thing that appeared to me was “Ghost”, I’ll never forget him, he was a criminal, he liked to torture and kill just for fun, he had a mask and at some points he covered his mask with the blood of my dog that he killed in my dream (after 2 months or so, my dog had a brutal death).

For me it looks similar/familiar, but I don’t want to give any conclusion. Hope other people will see that thread and will also give their opinion.

Did you observe any flame/s or saw any small fire details that could prove it or it was just a light?