Demoness companion

A little while ago i bought a spirit from a conjurer, the spirit i bought is a sumerian demoness. I got her bound directly to me due to covid. I bought her from a conjurer on etsy. the conjurer is a long time practitioner of black magick and seems pretty legit. So i bought her and he performed a binding and gave me her name and information on how to communicate with her such as using a pendulum, meditation, and whichever way resonates with me. The spirits he sells are said to be extremely responsive to their keeper. I know that Its hard to really know if i scammed or not but does anyone have any experiences with the spirits being sold on etsy?

Do you sense her with you.? A presence, any dreams, sensations ? Anything to suggest the binding worked.?

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I just recently bought her.

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So, it might take some time to know for sure if she is with you.

Well i know that, but i wanted to know if anyone has experience with the listings on etsy.

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These listings can contain real and frauds. Like all advertisements.




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Well, for one you need to have developed your senses to be able to sense them, for two idk most of the spirit conjurers I’ve come across as far as websites go- the ones I’ve tested were selling thoughtforms, others sounds like servitors due to how you need to feed and charge them and there are a lot of frauds in the magical community, so there could be quite a few things.

If it’s a conjured spirit for real- binding doesn’t usually mean they are with you 24/7- it means they’ve made an anchor to you for the spirit to connect easily with. Most real spirits have lives so to speak on their own planes, in addition to anything do they do on this plane.

Just my opinion on the subject YMMV


Thankyou for you reply

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Helps me alot

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