Demon who can guide for 5 years

As the tital says is there any demon? Nd demon for concentration, focus, understanding in short matters of time,remembering, fast learning. I read that andepreas (i dont know the spelling ^^’) demon ‘can help learn and applay large body of knowledge’ can u guys expain this in simple words? And abt invoking can invoking grant me any knowledge?, if i asked the demon in that state? Nd how do i invoke then? Meditating for 5 mins, chanting their name/enn and imaging their seal in my head, until i feel something then inviting them in my body and asking them to grant me knowledge? Is this how invocation works?

Thanks in advance!

I think you’re reffering to Andrealphus.
Yes, he’s great for learning a large amount of information. Surgeons, architects and other fields that require a lot of field work and a lot of study.

Vapula is good and can make you an expert in any field.

Asmodai is great as well to develop an ability to “a previously unattainable level” and have willpower. So when you reach a point where you feel like that’s all that you can do, call him to become even better.


Thank you so much! Nd thats how demon are invoked? Im not completly sure, thats why im asking ^^’

also will invoking demons can grant me instant knowledge? i’ve read this somewhere ^^’
@ladyeva can u tell :slight_smile:

There should be an invocation tutorial around the forum.
But no, from what I know, you won’t get instant knowledge from invocation. Search around the forum about a definition on invocation.

In Archangels of Magick for example, you invoke the qualities of archangels; there is one archangel who has the quality of genius in there for example.

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