Demon Valak

I’m going to start working with Valak. (Yes, I have his sigil and know the basics about him. :nerd_face:)

What are your experiences?
Are there certain points that I should keep in mind?



No one? Excuse me, this is a topic I am really, really interested in. You can also write me a PM if you dont want to share here. Would be so cool…:relaxed:

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I’ve never worked with him, the only thing I’ve heard is he is more apt to lie.

All I know is that he was featured in that really scary movie, the Conjuring 2. So I wanted to see if people could compare for us xD

King Paimon was in Hereditary as well.

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My personal experience with him is that he helps you move up the ranks in work and social situations by revealing the secrets of others and by making others trust you. I have seen his influence stir restlessness in the atmosphere so that people finally blurt out what they were really thinking in a way that works in your favor.