Demon to raise financial support for my studies?

Hi again,I want to study university abroad, I can get a student visa for 1 year now. But I don’t have an income to study I want to be a doctor, Can I use demons for donation via gofundme, 10,000 dollars is the amount I need,I can never earn this money any other way because I have no business anyway.

Which demon should I use to help me with the donation campaign, Or I have to use my arbramelin money cards thank you.

If you’re looking for cash, especially a lot of cash…don’t artificially narrow the route with which the money can come to you. Whether the cash comes to you via a gofundme page or a government grant…it really shouldn’t matter. So don’t specify that this cash must come to you via gofundme donations. In terms of which entity to use, well, thats up to you. Bune can work here.


While stating my intention, do I have to tell him that I want this money to come from the fundraising site.Because I have no other resources to earn.

as i said…say nothing in terms of how it comes to you. The spirits will decide the best/easiest route to get you the cash. The only thing you may want to say is “do no harm in the procurement of this money” …in order to avoid someone you like dying and you inheriting their cash


Klaunuck can help but it will cost you if no relationship is made first.

Bune or Paimon or you can try Lucifer

My suggestion personally the 7 lucky Gods.

How do I contact them?