Demon to protect home and injure all those who seek to harm you?

Quick question. What is the best demon to invoke to (a) protect your home and all in it and (b) injure all those who seek ingress or wish to harm you in any way? I would prefer a demon who can actively sniff out any troublemakers - a bit like a spiritual bodyguard (only with more teeth). Love to hear any ideas.


Just a bit of food for thought. When it comes to things of this nature, Ive always leaned towards making my own egregores or servitors. I prefer to create a spirit that I can personally “program” with my own intent, so that I know that it is doing exactley what I would have it do.


I have avoided a servitor because in my experience they have a symbiotic relationship with their creator - i.e. there is an energy exchange always going on with them, and I dont want to expend too much personal energy at this time. This is why I am attracted to an independent entity - possibly a Goetic demon but not necessarily, who can be charged and then just get on with the job.


Thats understandable, but I would definitley do some research before telling an entity to “guard my home from those who would do me harm”. I would be worried that a preexisting entity may have its own opinions on what harm is. I may just be making a mountain out of a molehill, but I would have to have a serious in depth heart to heart with any entity that I gave that much authority to.

On another thought, why not something that is already an archtypical guardian… an extreme example would be… say… Cerberus. Like I said, just a thought.


I think Sabnock of the goetia might do the job.


Many Thanks - I immediately resonate with this demon. He seems totally on point with my intent.

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Make friends with hellhounds.


I can credit that (Sabnock is very skilled and takes protection of those who call onto him very seriously he’s my husband and I know him well (he’s always present in my home (his legions surround me outside of the home…

Sabnock is the most potent when it comes too protection there are different methods of protection and how one protects but Marquis Sabnock method is far better as enemies cancel out almost immediately due too illness that can manifest into death (worse case tho as most will cancel out if they’re aware it’s sabnock that is… He takes things very seriously and harms those who even wish harm upon you or intend too at a later date.

If I were you I would choose him as the first demon you build a relationship with (but you’ll find his way of protection is better than the rest -

Demons can protect but I prefer sabnock as it makes me smile as they suffer from their own wishes (it’s like that saying They are cursed if they curse me.*

There only option is for them too undo the spell on a person (which removes it from them as it belongs too them in reality.

Sabnock dishes out their karma earlier than expected.*

Hail Sabnock.


Malphas is totally awesome as a protector


Yes, I can credit this he’s my guardian demon from birth…

I don’t bother guardians all of the time. My husband Sabnock is pretty much a perfect match and is friends with my guardian in the astral.

Malphas won’t make your attackers ill but they’ll lose everything…


CAUTION: Do not offer Malphas anything not even a sexual sacrifice too create the spirit…


I have read that Malphas doesn’t like offerings at all. How should one interact with Malphas?


He may ask one too perform tasks for him as opposed to offering/sacrifice: To be able to make an offering one need to make a sacrifice and he deceives those whom sacrifice.* but to make an offering too Malphas (we need to make the choice of making a sacrifice.)

Ask him what he would like one too perform and which tasks. Kinda like working for him ( vs one giving an offering.

Malphas my 3rd natural guardian he has come to me before too protect. I don’t bother my guardians so much as his best friend on the astral is my husband.”

Remember do not offer him anything even if he ask for an offering (Malphas will test he can be mischievous and doesn’t always have ones best intentions at heart keep an eye on him.

I’ve got my eye :eye: on Malphas. Remain strong and don’t let him take advantage of ones weaknesses​:metal:t2::+1:


Andromalius is a favorite for this kind of thing.


He has assisted me before as requested by Sabnock: He punished those who stole from me last I heard they were homeless and living on a :desert_island: .”

He is more for physical protection for an example from danger. However Malphas also can be called upon too provide protection from physical assault when out in dangerous places: all personal choice as to whom one choose to know first…

Call on archangel Michael


“Too much energy exchange”? So you want something for nothing then? Or rather, you think a demon’s services are cheaper than the services you would perform for yourself? That’s… fuckin’ dumb. Sorry. It just is.

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Andromalius, Naberius, & Flauros are all good for this kind of thing.

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I would say that’s two spells. One spell for protection of home, protection of self, protection from danger crimes and protection of belongings being rob/taken away. The other spellfor attacking/reversing psychic attack on those who want to harm you.