Demon to prevent the construction of an apartment block?

Hi !
I am searching a demon, or other entity, to prevent the construction of an apartment block near the house of my step mother.
The hole for the futur block is already done, so if I want I can go put something in the ground or I don’t know. But I want to stop that :confused: I don’t want the construction to happen.

Does someone know something that will help me in my quest?

I recently saw something on balg about a goblin that specializes in the destruction of houses. A god of war, conquering, and storm energy all seems like viable options. To over take another house.

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I will make research for this goblin, and for a god of war :slight_smile: that could be interesting.
Thank you .w.

I’m open to other suggestions too :slight_smile:

belial can do these kind of stuff too


Belial can do anything, its more does he feel inclined too.

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Have you considered targeting the construction company and getting them to be more lethargic, and take needless safety risks? A bit of concentration, a tiny bit of incense, and about 30 minutes is all you would really need to shut down the entire operation.

There are a few demons who specialize in destroying ongoing works. You might consider cracking open the goetia…