Demon to help with astral senses & third eye

im new to magick and wanna work with a demon to help me with my astral eyes and third eye. can u give me a couple names of spirits i that would help me

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People have had success with Mepsitahl for this, and there may be other recommendations by other members.

E.A. wrote an article about opening your third eye, that’s online here - these don’t always display correctly for people as they’re on an older part of the site, so I’ve copied the full text below just in case - apologies for leaving out some of the formatting:

[b]3 Secret Tips For Opening Third Eye[/b]

By E.A. Koetting

If you’ve looked into the subject of divination, soul travel, or even just meditation, you’ve probably come across the term, “Third Eye” more than once.

What is the Third Eye, how can you open it, and what will opening it even do for you?

The Third Eye is one of the human being’s most powerful energy centers, located in the center of the forehead. In Hindu mythology, the Third Eye is the energy center which, if opened and activated, will allow the individual access to all powers, even those of creation and destruction.

So, opening your Third Eye could be quite useful, since you’re working towards Becoming a Living God, right?

Then, how can you open your Third Eye, and allow the massive power that already exists within you to be unleashed?

The Secret Door to Power is Hidden Next to Your Eyes!

As I’ve studied under different mentors, who taught me the secrets of spiritual power, I picked up three tricks that have allowed me to open my Third Eye in seconds.

And these tricks are actually quite easy!

In fact, you can do them now, as you read this article.

  1. The first thing that you want to do when opening your third eye is to relax your body, mind, and emotions. This may sound overly intuitive, but when you enter into real relaxation, you’ll discover how tense you are in your daily life.

One great visualization that I’ve found extremely effective for getting into a completely relaxed state is to imagine that there is a brilliant, white cloud floating above your head.

As you breathe in, imagine that the cloud comes down over the crown of your head. As you breathe out, feel all of the tension in the crown of your head disappearing.

It’s almost as if the bright cloud itself is absorbing all of your anxiety and stress.

Then, as you breathe in again, imagine and feel the cloud moving down over your eyes. Breathing out, exhaust all of the tension in your eyelids, forehead, and ears into the cloud.

You may think, “Well, this is silly; how could there be tension in my ears?”

We hold tension in every muscle and cell in our bodies. When you’re free of tension, you’ll be amazed to find out that, yes, even your ears are stressed!

This is the omnipotent power of your God Self pushing against this energy center, WAITING TO BE UNLEASHED!

Continue the visualization of the cloud moving down your whole body.

Once it reaches your feet, and even your toes are free of tension, imagine that the cloud simply disappears, taking your anxiety with it!

  1. In this super-relaxed state, turn your attention to your forehead. You don’t need to imagine any sort of spiritual organ or magickal runes or anything of that sort.

Just bring your attention to the center of your forehead. Become aware of your skin, bones, and muscle in the center of your forehead.

After only a few seconds of focusing your attention on the center of your forehead, you’ll also notice something that has nothing at all to do with your physical body.

You’ll notice a definite pressure in the center of your forehead.

This is the omnipotent power of your God Self pushing against this energy center, WAITING TO BE UNLEASHED!

  1. Inhale deeply, and notice how the pressure increases.

In fact, the longer that you focus your attention on your Third Eye, the more intense the pressure will become.

In only a few short minutes, it will feel like your head is going to explode with the power that is inside of you.

As you exhale, rather than just letting air out of your lungs, let out a long sigh.

The sigh will sound like an “AH,” like you are discovering a new level of relaxation.

The AH sound is actually called a Bija Mantra, which is a Seed Sound – a powerful sound that literally commands the forces of creation, sustenance, and destruction.

As the AH sound leaves your mouth, you’ll feel the pressure behind your forehead, the power of your Third Eye, moving out of your Third Eye.

This will feel like a door has opened in your forehead.

As you continue to breathe in, building pressure in your Third Eye, and breathe out, releasing that pressure with the Bija Mantra, an actual vortex of power will stream out of your Third Eye into the world.

As a word of caution, as you’re performing this SIMPLE meditation, you will indeed be generating a massive amount of raw power.

You’ll want to use this power in that moment to begin creating the situations that you’d like to experience in your life. Focus on those situations, and send the power of your Third Eye towards them.

This is just one of the THOUSANDS of tricks and methods that I’ve learned to activate the 3 Godlike Powers in myself, and in others.

You should take a RISK FREE look at my e-book, Become A Living God Free Trial for more methods, tricks, and tips to awaken the God within you!


Im definitely trying this!

Cool, and do take a look at the Member Resources thread, the OP in that has links to some tutorials on this site for opening sigils etc., it’s not a bunch more boring forum guidelines or anything, there’s some good stuff linked there!

last night i did my first evocation of beleth. not to physical form just to intuitive communication. i read about people sitting in the dark doing it so i tried that. drew a sigil and starting calling for him. got a little scared and turned on the lights LOL kept chanting and was staring at his sigil. it started to flash and i kept repeating what i wanted then i closed my eyes and started feel as if i was floating and felt this energy infront of me not in a physical sense more like above my third eye and i started to cry and laugh. asked him to engulf me in his energy felt like great love. told him what i wanted and said goodbye. gonna be doing this every night now really fun!!!


Excellent! :slight_smile:

Fear’s fine, you’re doing something that doesn’t come naturally to us (maybe did one time, but not right now) and you’re also dealing with beings who have a dangerous reputation, so don’t let that stop you, but don’t feel ashamed of it either - it means you’re breaking new boundaries, smashing down the barriers that have kept you in the old life you had.

Awesome work, and please keep us posted!

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This is a helpful post to me because I’m also thinking about doing my first evocation, but I also have some fears to overcome, in the end I will have to put myself together and just do it.

Happy to hear you had a good experience with it :slight_smile:

yea i did another one last night too. its pretty easy i cant hear or see the spirit but i do feel chilly when there is nothing in the room and even the hot air is on. pm me amd i can give you a couple tips if ya want

I didn’t see and hear spirits till multiple evocations. If you do evocation it will come

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yea magical practice. i cant wait. i want to be talking to spirits all night