Demon to get a specific outcome

I need to get a specific city for a job. Without explaining the entire situation, the city I get is determined by a group of people. What demon should I use to make sure the group of people place me in a specific city?

Look in the goetia and try any that seem suited to your purpose tbh

What would you need them to do? Mind manipulation?

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Yeah. Something to influence them to give me the choose the city I want

You need the demon of genuine faith. It is your consciousness that is reality. A shift in consciousness shifts the condition in perfect correspondence. It is your consciousness that determines your circumstances not that of a seeming other regardless of appearances. If you have the purity of desire, i.e. desire without contradiction, you’ll be there instantly. How easily one can focus on a desire purely is something one must discover for oneself but the principle remains eternally true.
Still, the demons/deities most commonly associated with travel are Hermes, Apollo, Ganesha, Sirsir, Mercury etc.


Dantalion and/or Paimon?