Demon to attract a person - question

I need to attract a person that I briefly saw over the weekend - I don’t know the person’s name…only the date, time and location of this ‘event’. Would this be enough info for the demon?


I’ve had success with Hicpacth from the Grimorium Verum, however my request was not for someone specific, but someone who had the qualities I was looking for. You might be able to adjust this sympathetic ritual given in one of Hadean Press’ ‘Goetic Spellwork’.

Basically you draw the sigil on a piece of paper, open it, state the (type of) person you want to attract, flip the paper over, write the qualities or name of the person as many times as will fit on the paper (while still in sync), then wrap the paper around a small magnet, secure it with green cord/ribbon and keep it with you. I met the person a day or two later quite literally in the middle of a street as I was crossing.

Or just skip all of that and do whatever method suits you to contact Hicpacth.

Is this enough info? That is a question you should answer for yourself.

All power is yours … or not. Don’t “attract a person”. Create your reality.


That’s easy as pie. Child’s play. Because you’re not attempting to alter some autonomous existence, but are forming your own universe. Instead of pleading with a spirit to bend someone’s will, you are playing with your living imagination in an act of creation. Once you fully grasp what this means, it will open the path to making everything child’s play.

Thanks for the replies both of you.

Would this be the best way to go for a friend of mine who is an actress? She wants to attract a specific influential person to her not for love, but for her career. She feels that without demonic help he wouldn’t otherwise give her the time of day because she’s not his type. She’s very new to the whole BALG.

How do you pronounce Hicpacth? Hic-pak-th?

I think that’s how I pronounced it but two other variations are given: Hicpath and Hipact.

I’m working with Lilith at the moment for this attraction of lovers. Offer her semen and place a black mirror under your pillow. I’m surrounded by beautiful women at the moment and am having trouble deciding which ones I want! lol