Demon to appear by itself

it is normal for some demon to appear by itself ?
and he basically suggested what he would help me with about with 6 things various, such as astral travel, development of other abilities, protection etc…
and he also said something about some connection between us afterwards
and he wants to pay for it ,he wants to have an intimate moment with me once a week
and he told me all this when I was trying to fall asleep ,I also felt physical touches when I was just lying down and still not asleep,
and then somehow I fell asleep and noticed a man sitting on my bed and also doing something with his hands as if on my astral body
and I don’t even know how I was out of my body
and he told me to get up, then for a moment I saw my room and things that I thought were not there ,then I don’t know how I woke up and I had mild dizziness
and said something about coming later
I basically have to think about whether I will agree with it
what do you think about it ?

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I’d do it. What’s life without daring?


i think he try help you with your development,
and you´d believe or not, that is maybe something connected w me

how would it be related to you, do you know which demon it is and what is its name?

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that’s true

i will to explain to you everything, in messages, but first stop with sulking,

It’s a MASSIVE red flag for parasites, meaning your wards are not working, if you have any. Banish and cleanse, nothing should be cold calling you making promises, especially not touching you or you energy without permission. If it refuses to go kill it with prejudice.

If you feel confident in your abilities to handle it if it goes south, then get it’s name, then banish and cleanse and summon the name it gave you specifically, verify you get the entity you expected, and ask if it’s the same being.

As a rule, and when you’re new, this is what’s called having bad spiritual hygiene, random entities are not supposed to just be able to waltz in a dick with you, whatsoever.


I still haven’t agreed with it, in general, it appeared when I was driving something away with spells,I also felt that I had some attack, something that took my energy
so I created a spell right after that which gave me back my energy from that entity right away and since then that entity has not appeared at all.
I just felt fine needles during the spell a rush of heat and as if I drank 5 cups of coffee.

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